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Table A-5. Aggregated fields and their constituent fine fields: 2015

Aggregated field name and constituent fields
Agricultural sciences and natural resources
Agronomy, horticulture science, plant breeding, plant pathology, plant sciences-other
Agricultural and horticultural plant breeding
Agronomy and crop science
Horticulture science*
Plant pathology and phytopathology, agricultural
Plant sciences, other
Animal nutrition, poultry science
Animal nutrition
Animal science, poultry or avian*
Food science, food technology-other
Food science
Food science and technology, other*
Forest biology, forest management, wood science, forestry sciences-other
Forest management, forest resources management*
Forest sciences and biology*
Wood science, pulp and paper technology*
Forestry, other*
Natural resources and conservation, wildlife range management
Natural resources and conservation
Wildlife, range management*
Soil chemistry, soil sciences-other
Soil chemistry, microbiology*
Soil sciences, other
Agricultural sciences, aggregated
Natural resources and environmental economics (agricultural sciences)*
Agricultural sciences and natural resources, general*
Agricultural sciences and natural resources, other*
Biological and biomedical sciences
Anatomy, developmental biology
Developmental biology and embryology
Bacteriology, parasitology
Botany, plant pathology, plant physiology
Botany and plant biology
Plant pathology and phytopathology (biological sciences)*
Plant physiology*
Endocrinology, human/animal pathology
Pathology, human and animal
Biotechnology, biology/biomedical sciences-other
Biological and biomedical sciences, other
Environmental toxicology, toxicology
Environmental toxicology
Genetics-human/animal, plant genetics
Genetics, genomics, human and animal
Plant genetics
Health sciences
Environmental health, public health
Environmental health
Public health
Health sciences, aggregated
Gerontology (health sciences)*
Oral biology, oral pathology*
Veterinary sciences*
Health sciences, general
Health sciences, other
Atmospheric science and meteorology
Atmospheric physics, meteorology
Atmospheric physics and dynamics
Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric sciences-general, atmospheric sciences-other
Atmospheric chemistry and climatology
Atmospheric science and meteorology, general
Atmospheric science and meteorology, other*
Geological sciences
Geochemistry, mineralogy
Mineralogy and petrology*
Geomorphology, geological sciences-general, geological sciences-other
Geomorphology, glacial geology*
Geological sciences, general
Geological sciences, other
Paleontology, stratigraphy
Stratigraphy and sedimentation*
Ocean/marine sciences, aggregated
Hydrology and water resources
Marine sciences
Ocean and marine sciences, other*
Acoustics, optics/photonics
Optics, photonics
Atomic physics, polymer physics
Atomic, molecular, chemical physics
Polymer physics*
Mathematics and statistics
Applied mathematics, computing theory
Applied mathematics
Computing theory and practice*
Logic, topology/foundations
Topology and foundations
Operations research, mathematics/statistics-general, mathematics/statistics-other
Operations research (mathematics)*
Mathematics and statistics, general
Mathematics and statistics, other
Family psychology, human development and family studies
Family psychology
Human development and family studies
Psychology, aggregated
Personality psychology*
Psychometrics and quantitative psychology
Psychology, other
Social sciences
Area, ethnic, cultural, and gender studies
Area, ethnic, cultural studies
Gender and women's studies*
Econometrics, economics
Other economics
Demography, gerontology, statistics, urban affairs, social sciences-general, social sciences-other
Demography and population studies*
Gerontology (social sciences)*
Statistics (social sciences)*
Urban studies, affairs*
Social sciences, general
Social sciences, other
Other engineering, aggregated
Agricultural engineering*
Communications engineering*
Engineering management, administration*
Engineering mechanics*
Engineering physics*
Engineering science*
Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering*
Metallurgical engineering*
Ocean engineering*
Operations research (engineering)
Petroleum engineering*
Polymer, plastics engineering*
Transportation and highway engineering
Engineering, general*
Engineering, other
Educational/instructional technology, media design
Educational and instructional media design*
Educational and instructional technology
Other education, aggregated
Workforce education and development
Education, other
Teacher education, aggregated
Adult and continuing teacher education
Elementary teacher education
Pre-elementary, early childhood teacher education
Secondary teacher education
Teaching fields, aggregated
Agricultural education
Art education
Bilingual and multilingual education*
English education
Family, consumer, and human sciences*
Foreign languages education*
Nursing education
Social science education*
Teacher education and professional development, other
Foreign languages and literature
French, Italian
French language and literature
Italian language and literature*
Other aggregated languages
Arabic language and literature*
Chinese language and literature*
Japanese language and literature*
Russian language and literature*
Foreign languages and literatures, other
History, aggregated
African history*
History, other
Letters, aggregated
Creative writing
Letters, general*
Letters, other*
Other humanities and arts
Philosophy, ethics
Religion/religious studies, Jewish/Judaic studies
Jewish, Judaic Studies*
Religion, religious studies
Other humanities, aggregated
Bible, biblical studies
Music, other*
Humanities, general*
Humanities, other
Business management and administration
Other aggregated business fields
Business, managerial economics*
Hospitality, food service, and tourism management*
International business, trade, commerce*
Operations research (business)
Business management and administration, general
Business management and administration, other
Communication, aggregated
Communication theory
Film, radio, TV and digital communication
Communication, other
Fields not elsewhere classified, aggregated
Library science
Other fields not elsewhere classified*