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Science and Engineering Doctorates

Further reading

For an overarching view of long-term trends in U.S. doctoral education, as reflected in the data from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), please see U.S. Doctorates in the 20th Century (NSF 06-319, October 2006, Additional context is provided in summary reports for previous years (Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities), available at

Other publications from NCSES use SED data to report on focused topics. Publications that relate to the topics covered in Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities: 2015 are listed below, by relevant section.

Who earns a U.S. doctorate? and Which fields attract students?

Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2017 (NSF 17-310, January 2017,

Numbers of Doctorates Awarded in the United States Declined in 2010 (NSF 12-303, November 2011,

Numbers of Doctorates Awarded Continue to Grow in 2009; Indicators of Employment Outcomes Mixed (NSF 11-305, November 2010,

Interdisciplinary Dissertation Research (NSF 10-316, March 2010,

Numbers of U.S. Doctorates Awarded Rise for Sixth Year, but Growth Slower (NSF 10-308, November 2009,

What influences the path to the doctorate?

Baccalaureate Origins of U.S.-trained S&E Doctorate Recipients (NSF 13-323, April 2013,

Role of HBCUs as Baccalaureate-Origin Institutions of Black S&E Doctorate Recipients (NSF 08-319, August 2008,

Baccalaureate Origins of S&E Doctorate Recipients (NSF 08-311, July 2008,

Time to Degree of U.S. Research Doctorate Recipients (NSF 06-312, March 2006,

What are the postgraduation trends?

Unemployment among Doctoral Scientists and Engineers Remained Below the National Average in 2013 (NSF 14-317, September 2014,

Unemployment among Doctoral Scientists and Engineers Increased but Remained below the National Average (NSF 14-310, April 2014,

International Mobility and Employment Characteristics among Recent Recipients of U.S. Doctorates (NSF 13-300, October 2012,

Emigration of U.S.-Born S&E Doctorate Recipients (NSF 04-327, June 2004,

Plans for Postdoctoral Research Appointments among Recent U.S. Doctorate Recipients (NSF 04-308, March 2004,

Interstate Migration Patterns of Recent Science and Engineering Doctorate Recipients (NSF 02-311, February 2002,