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Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering

Field of degree: Women, men, and racial and ethnic groups

Bachelor's degrees

American Indian or Alaska Native women

American Indian or Alaska Native women have earned about 1,800 S&E bachelor's degrees each year over the past decade. They earn larger numbers of bachelor's degrees in the social sciences, psychology, and biological sciences (about 600, 500, and 400, respectively, in each of these broad fields) than in engineering, physical sciences, computer sciences, and mathematics and statistics (between 30 and 80 bachelor's degrees in each of these fields).

Science and engineering bachelor's degrees earned by American Indian or Alaska Native women: 2005–14

Year S&E bachelor's degrees
2005 1,762
2006 1,900
2007 1,850
2008 1,824
2009 1,984
2010 1,983
2011 1,885
2012 1,917
2013 1,891
2014 1,763
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