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This report was prepared by the Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS) of the National Science Foundation (NSF), under the direction of Kenneth M. Brown, Director of SRS. Cora B. Marrett, Assistant Director for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, and Alan R. Tupek, Deputy Director, SRS, provided guidance and review. Preparation of the report was the responsibility of the Education and Human Resources Program under the direction of Mary A. Golladay, Program Director.
The report was written by Joan Burrelli, Carolyn Arena, and Carolyn Shettle of SRS, and Deborah Fort, consultant. Joan Burrelli coordinated the preparation of the report, compiled data, and directed the production of the volume. Several SRS staff members, including Linda Hardy, Susan T. Hill, James Huckenpöhler, Jean M. Johnson, Kelly Kang, Mark Regets, John Tsapogas, and R. Keith Wilkinson, provided data or helped with data gathering and interpretation. Abiola Davis and Colin McCormick prepared tables and charts. Administrative support was provided by Martha James, David Saia, and Julia Harriston of SRS. Editing of the text was performed by Marilyn Nelson and Melissa Andrews of Blue Pencil Group, Inc. Friday Systems Services edited and produced the appendix tables. Friday Systems Services staff included Lydia Alexander, Thomas Binaut, Stuart Bowen, So Young Kim, Megan Kinney, and Sara Pula. Patricia Hughes of NSF's Publication Services handled production and printing arrangements.

Special acknowledgment is due to NSF's Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE) who provided comments on the report. The 1995 members were:

Patti T. Ota, Lehigh University
Jeanette Brown, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Betty Davidson, Boston Museum of Science
Jacquelynne E. Eccles, University of Michigan
David Glover, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
George C. Hill, Meharry Medical College
William M. Jackson, University of California-Davis
Jane Butler Kahle, Miami University
Sue Kemnitzer, Executive Secretary of CEOSE
Carolyn W. Meyers, Georgia Institute of Technology
Richard Nichols, ORBIS Associates
Anne S. Pruitt, Council of Graduate Schools
Marilyn Suiter, American Geological Institute
Teresa A. Sullivan, The University of Texas at Austin
William Yslas Velez, University of Arizona
Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
Henry N. Williams, University of Maryland
H. David Wohlers, Northeast Missouri State University.


The following people provided data, allowed their research results to be presented, or assisted in obtaining data. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

M. Nell Bailey, Technology Society of North America
Jill Bogard, American Council on Education
Carol Burger, Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering

Linda C. Cain, Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Deborah Carter, American Council on Education
Linda Chase, Bureau of the Census
Alfrida Cooper, Black Issues in Higher Education
Margie Crutchfield, National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education
Jean M. Curtin, American Institute for Physics

Gaelyn Davidson, National Research Council
Barbara DePaul, Quantum Research Corporation
Donna M. Dickman, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
Catherine J. Didion, Association for Women in Science

Nan Ellen East, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
Henry Etzkowitz, State University of New York-Purchase

Michael Finn, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Engineering
Lourdes Flaim, U.S. Department of Census
Karen Foote, National Academy of Sciences
Judy R. Franz, American Physical Society
Howard N. Fullerton, Jr., Bureau of Labor Statistics

David Givens, American Anthropological Association
W. Vance Grant, National Center for Education Statistics

Rhona Hartman, American Council of Education
Cathy Henderson, American Council on Education, consultant
Michael D. Hoefer, U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services
Susan Holland, Mathematica Policy Research

Shirley Watt Ireton, National Science Teachers Association
Julia Isaacs, Pelavin Research Institute

Zhongren Jing, Pelavin Research Institute:

Rita Kirshstein, Pelavin Research Institute
William S. Korn, Higher Education Research Institute
Paula Knepper, National Center for Education Statistics

Nancy Matheson, Pelavin Research Institute
Michael Matti, Horizon Research, Inc.
Lisa McFall, University of Tennessee

Michael Neuschatz, American Institute of Physics
George Nozicka, Quantum Research Corporation

Daniel Pasquini, National Research Council
D. Michael Pavel, Washington State University
Manuel de la Puente, U.S. Bureau of the Census

Carol Schlectser, National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Elaine Seymour, University of Colorado
Frank Soper, Landmark College
Claude Steele, Stanford University
A. Christopher Strenta, Dartmouth College
Peter Syverson, Council of Graduate Schools

Delores Thurgood, National Research Council
Sheila Tobias, National Center for Education Statistics, consultant

Linda Zimbler, National Center for Education Statistics


Reviews of the report were provided by:

Carolyn Arena, National Science Foundation
Lawrence Burton, National Science Foundation
James Dietz, National Science Foundation
Rolf Lehming, National Science Foundation
Mark Regets, National Science Foundation
Richard Morrison, National Science Foundation
Joanne Streeter, National Science Foundation
Larry Suter, National Science Foundation

Outside reviewers included:

Ivy Broder, American University
Sheldon Clark, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Nicholas Claudy, American Geological Institute
Catherine Gaddy, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
Rhona Hartman, American Council on Education
Susan Mitchell, National Research Council
Willie Pearson, Jr., Wake Forest University
Nina Roscher, American University
Terry Russell, Association for Institutional Research
Peter Syverson, Council of Graduate Schools
Iris Weiss, Horizon Research, Inc.

and the members of the American Chemical Society's Committee on Chemists With Disabilities, including

Todd A. Blumenkopf
Thomas Doyle
Mark Dubnick
Thomas Kucera
David C. Lunney
Michael Moore
Christine Rout
Virginia Stern
Anne B. Swanson
H. David Wohlers

Recommended Citation

National Science Foundation. Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 1996. Arlington, VA, 1996. (NSF 96-311)

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