R&D Expenditures Survey

Public Use Statistical Data Files: 1993

After completion of the annual data-processing cycle for the NSF Survey of Scientific and Engineering Expenditures at Universities and Colleges (R&D expenditures survey), the data collected are stored in files for public use. These files include any corrections to prior-year data that survey respondents may have submitted. "Public-use" files are generated specifically for use by data users outside NSF. As such, these files omit any information that is considered confidential by NSF or an institution. For example, names and addresses of individuals who completed the questionnaires are omitted from the R&D expenditures survey and the personnel survey files.

For a detailed description of the file format, see the Guide to the Data Files from the National Science Foundation's Annual Surveys of Academic Science and Engineering: Data Files.

You can obtain these files via the Internet, as an attachment to e-mail, or in tape format.

Downloading via the Internet

You can download data files for the R&D expenditures survey from the Internet. The files are compressed using PKZIP 2.04g. Use PKUNZIP or any other uncompress program that supports the .ZIP format to uncompress the files on your local hard disk. The uncompressed files are approximately four times as large as the compressed .ZIP files.

WARNING: Clicking on the following files will download them to your local hard disk.

Survey of Scientific and Engineering Expenditures at Universities and Colleges 
                            Archival Data Files 
                                 FY 1993 (152k) 
            FY 1992 (141k)                         FY 1985 (143k) 
            FY 1991 (139k)                         FY 1984 (140k) 
            FY 1990 (138k)                         FY 1983 (138k) 
            FY 1989 (153k)                         FY 1982 (137k) 
            FY 1988 (145k)                         FY 1981 (137k) 
            FY 1987 (146k)                         FY 1980 (138k) 
            FY 1986 (147k)                         FY 1979 (107k) 

Having files sent via e-mail

Quantum Research Corporation (QRC) can also send the archival data files as an attachment to regular e-mail. Please send a note to Linda Penn (lpenn@qrc.com) requesting the desired fiscal year data files.

Ordering the data files on tape

The archival data files are also available in tape format. The cost is $100 for the first year and $35 for each subsequent year.

To order, indicate the desired data files and return with your check or purchase order to:

     Quantum Research Corporation 
     7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 631W 
     Bethesda, MD 20814