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Global Exports of Commercial Knowledge-Intensive Services

The global value of trade in commercial knowledge-intensive services is gradually increasing but it represents less than 10% of global production of such services. The value of commercial knowledge-intensive services grew from $453 billion in 1998 to $1.46 trillion in 2008 and then contracted to $1.36 trillion in 2009.

The EU is the largest exporter of commercial knowledge-intensive services (excluding intra-EU exports), accounting for about 30% of the world total, followed by the United States with 22% and the Asia-8 with 15% (mostly from India and Singapore). The EU suffered a 10% drop in export volume in 2009, followed by less than 1% growth in 2010; the United States loss was 2%, followed by 6% growth.

Export declines in 2009 by China and the Asia-8 were in the 4%–6% range, after which the Asia-8 rebounded with 16% growth. 2010 data for China are unavailable (figure O-32).