Table 5-24
S&E articles, citations, and international citations, by selected region/country: 2000 and 2010
  Share of world articles
(cited years)
  Share of world citations
(citing year)
  Share of region/
country citations
that are international
(citing year)
Region/country 1996–98 2006–08   2000 2010   2000 2010
United States 32.4 27.8   44.8 36.4   48.1 53.7
EU 35.4 32.4   33.3 32.8   44.8 49.7
China 2.0 7.5   0.9 6.0   60.3 50.8
Japan 8.8 7.0   7.1 5.7   62.3 70.2
Asia-8 4.1 7.4   1.8 5.3   62.9 65.0

EU = European Union

NOTES: Article/citation counts from set of journals covered by Science Citation Index (SCI) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). Articles classified by year they entered database, rather than year of publication, and assigned to country/economy on basis of institutional address(es) listed on article. Articles on fractional-count basis, i.e., for articles with collaborating institutions from multiple countries/economies, each country/economy receives fractional credit on basis of proportion of its participating institutions. See appendix table 5-25 for countries/economies included in EU and Asia-8, which in this table are treated as single countries. Citation counts based on 3-year period with 2-year lag (e.g., citations for 2000 are references made in articles in 2000 data tape to articles in 1996–98 data tapes); data shown are for the 3 years in cited year window.

SOURCES: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, and The Patent Board™, special tabulations (2011) from Thomson Reuters, SCI and SSCI,

Science and Engineering Indicators 2012