Table 7-B
Correct responses on trend factual knowledge of science scale by longer factual knowledge scale: 2010
(Average percent correct)
Respondent scorea Trend factual knowledge
of science scale, 9 items
Top quartile 94 87 59
2nd quartile 73 68 47
3rd quartile 51 48 37
Bottom quartile 25 24 22

aQuartile based on correct answers to trend factual knowledge of science scale, 9 items.
b11-item scale that includes the same 9 items plus responses to 2 additional items.
c2-item scale consisting of responses to the evolution and "big bang" questions.

NOTES: Data reflect average percentage of questions in index answered correctly. "Don't know" responses and refusals to respond counted as incorrect.

SOURCE: University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center, General Social Survey (2010).

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