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The National Science Board (NSB) extends its appreciation to the staff of the National Science Foundation and to the many others, too numerous to list individually, who contributed to the preparation of this report. Primary responsibility for the production of the volume was assigned to Rolf Lehming, Director of the Science and Engineering Indicators Program of the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES); Lynda T. Carlson, Director, NCSES; John R. Gawalt, Deputy Director, NCSES; and Myron P. Gutmann, Assistant Director, Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences. The authors of the manuscript were:

Overview. Rolf Lehming, NCSES

Chapter 1. Xianglei Chen, Leslie Hall, Susan Rotermund, Vera Bersudskaya, MPR Associates; Lawrence Burton, NCSES

Chapter 2. Jaquelina C. Falkenheim, NCSES

Chapter 3. Robert Bell, Nirmala Kannankutty, Emory P. Morrison, NCSES

Chapter 4. Mark Boroush, Francisco A. Moris, Raymond M. Wolfe, NCSES

Chapter 5. Mark Boroush, Lawrence Burton, Mark K. Fiegener, NCSES

Chapter 6. Derek Hill, NCSES

Chapter 7. Carolyn L. Funk, SRI International

Chapter 8. Paula C. Dunnigan, Taratec Corporation; Jeri Mulrow, NCSES

The volume benefited from extensive contributions from NCSES staff. Joan S. Burrelli, Katherine Hale, and Mark C. Regets compiled and analyzed data for the volume. NCSES senior staff and survey managers assured availability of data under often stringent deadlines: Ronda K. Britt, Leslie Christovich, John Finamore, John E. Jankowski, Kelly H. Kang, Lynn Milan, Steven Proudfoot, Emilda B. Rivers, and Michael Yamaner. Jacqueline Durham assisted in acquiring data from outside sources. Stephen Cohen and Jock Black provided advice with statistical or data presentation issues.

In managing production of the volume, Rolf Lehming was assisted by Robert Bell, Nirmala Kannankutty, and Cheryl Roesel. Along with Rolf Lehming, Robert Bell engaged with authors in the development, review, and preparation of chapter content. Nirmala Kannankutty coordinated the schedule for producing the volume. Cheryl Roesel managed the performance of editorial, printing, and publication services. Lynda T. Carlson worked closely with the management team to ensure that the volume was successfully produced.

Robin Pentola was responsible for overall direction and management of the website. Tanya Gore assisted with the final review of the page composition and appendix tables, and Rajinder Raut prepared files for review and provided a technical review of the website. Web design and programming were performed by De Vo, Bridget Tuthill, Jason Shaffer, Moe Than, Makiko Fisher, Micah Horvat, and Richard Ashley of Compuware Corporation. Deborah Collins helped check and review data for Chapter 8 and compiled the list of Acronyms and Abbreviations. Overall editing of the report was performed by David B. Fialkoff and the staff of Lockheed Martin Business Process Solutions. OmniStudio, Inc., Washington D.C., was responsible for design and production of the volume. Many others provided much appreciated advice and assistance and are listed under Contributors and Reviewers.

The National Science Board Office, under the direction of Michael L. Van Woert, provided vital coordination throughout the project. The National Science Board is especially grateful to the S&E Indicators Committee, and Jean M. Pomeroy and Matthew B. Wilson for serving as Liaisons to the Committee. Robert Bell and Rolf Lehming were the Executive Secretaries.

Dr. Ray M. Bowen
Dr. Ray M. Bowen
Chairman, National Science Board
Dr. José-Marie Griffiths
Dr. José-Marie Griffiths
Chairman, Committee on Science and Engineering Indicators

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Cover imageThe cover for Science and Engineering Indicators 2012 was designed and produced by OmniStudio, Inc., Washington, DC.

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National Science Board. 2012. Science and Engineering Indicators 2012. Arlington VA: National Science Foundation (NSB 12-01).