Table 4-6
Basic research as a share of gross expenditures on R&D, for selected countries: 2011
Country Basic research
PPP ($billions) Share (%)
United Statesa 429.1 74.3 17.3
China 208.2 9.9 4.7
Japan 146.5 18.0 12.3
Germany 93.1 NA NA
South Korea 59.9 10.8 18.1
France 51.9 13.1 25.3
United Kingdom 39.6 4.3 10.8

NA = not available.

GERD = gross expenditures on R&D; PPP = purchasing power parity.

Figures for the United States in this table reflect international standards for calculating gross expenditures on R&D, which vary slightly from the National Science Foundation’s protocol for tallying U.S. total R&D.

NOTES: The table includes the top seven R&D-performing countries. Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding.

SOURCES: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, National Patterns of R&D Resources (annual series); Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Main Science and Technology Indicators (2013/1).

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