Table 6-5
HT product exports, by selected region/country/economy: 2012
(Billions of dollars)
Region/country/economy All HT
ICT Aircraft and
Pharmaceuticals Testing, measuring,
and control
China 631.7 557.1 3.4 13.5 57.7
EU 377.9 105.3 51.4 141.9 79.3
United States 286.7 94.3 96.3 38.7 57.4
Japan 128.1 74.2 4.5 4.8 44.6
Other selected Asia 560.8 457.0 6.1 15.9 81.8

EU = European Union; HT = high technology; ICT = information and communications technologies.

NOTES: HT products include aircraft and space vehicles, communications and semiconductors, computers and office machinery, pharmaceuticals, and scientific instruments and measuring equipment. ICT products include communications, semiconductors and computers, and office machinery. China includes Hong Kong. Exports of China exclude exports between China and Hong Kong. Exports of the United States exclude exports to Canada and Mexico. The EU excludes Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, and Slovenia. Exports of the EU exclude exports to EU member countries. Other selected Asia includes Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

SOURCE: IHS Global Insight, World Trade Service database (2013). See appendix tables 6-21 and 6-25–6-30.

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