Table 6-9
Number of firms and employment of U.S. HT microbusinesses, by selected industries: 2010
Industry Number of firms Employment
All industries 316,636 437,604
All manufacturing industries 11,512 20,683
Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments 1,645 3,025
Other general-purpose machinery 1,589 3,036
Industrial machinery 1,128 2,129
Semiconductors and other electronic components 1,121 1,954
All others 6,029 10,539
All services industries 300,259 408,968
Management, scientific, and technical consulting 117,678 140,953
Computer systems design and related 80,767 107,719
Architectural, engineering, and related 61,046 95,055
All others 40,768 65,241
All other industries 4,865 7,953

HT = high technology.

NOTES: Firms with less than 5 employees include those reporting no employees on their payroll. A firm is an entity that is either a single location with no subsidiary or branches or the topmost parent of a group of subsidiaries or branches. HT industries are defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) by the basis of employment intensity of the technology-oriented occupations based on BLS’s 2011 Occupation Employment Survey. HT small business employment is a lower-bound estimate because employment data are not available for a few industries due to data suppression.

SOURCES: U.S. Census Bureau, Statistics of U.S. Businesses,, accessed 15 May 2013; Hecker DE. 2006. High-technology employment: A NAICS-based update, Monthly Labor Review 128(7):57–72,, accessed 15 March 2013. See appendix table 6-55.

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