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Front Matter

Contributors and Reviewers

The following persons contributed to the report by reviewing chapters or otherwise assisting in its preparation. Their help is greatly appreciated.

Laura Adolfie, U.S. Department of Defense
Jeff Allum, Council of Graduate Schools
Nick C. Allum, University of Essex
Phillip Altbach, Boston College
Amy Apon, Clemson University
Thomas Arrison, National Academy of Sciences
Cheikhou Athie, Taratec Corporation
Robert Atkinson, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
John Benskin, SRI International
Rajika Bhandari, Institute for International Education
Richard Bissell, National Academy of Sciences
Craig Boardman, Ohio State University
George R. Boggs, American Association of Community Colleges
Nava Brenner, Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel
Jack Buckley, National Center for Education Statistics
William S. Bush, University of Louisville
Jill Cape, Cape Designs
Chiao-Ling Chang, UNESCO Institute for Statistics
Lulu Chen, U.S. Census Bureau
Elise M. Christopher, National Center for Education Statistics
Marta Civil, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jonathan Cole, Columbia University
Alva Daniels, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
James Duderstadt, University of Michigan
Anthony D. Dudo, University of Texas
Mary Good, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Janice Earle, National Science Foundation
Dieter Ernst, East West Center
Michael Finn, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Dennis Fixler, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Carolyn L. Funk, Pew Research Center
Adam Gamoran, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Fred Gault, UNU-MERIT
Kenneth Gibbs, National Cancer Institute
Donna Ginther, University of Kansas
Mark C. Glander, National Center for Education Statistics
Matt Greene, National Center for Education Statistics
Martin P. Grueber, Battelle
Gary Guenther, Congressional Research Service
Edith Gummer, National Science Foundation
Susan Hackwood, California Council on Science and Technology
P. Sol Hart, University of Michigan
Elisabeth D. Hensley, RTI International
Diana Hicks, Georgia Tech
Chad Holliday, East Meets West Solutions, LLC
Matt Hourihan, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Peggy Huff, Taratec Corporation
Steven Hurlburt, Delta Cost Project at AIR
Brandon Jones, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Michael Jones, U.S. Department of Labor
Cheryl Kerr, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Suzette M. Kimball, U.S. Geological Survey
Karen King, National Science Foundation
Rita J. Kirshstein, Delta Cost Project at AIR
Edward B. Knipling, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Kei Koizumi, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Fae L. Korsmo, National Science Foundation
Barbara E. Kridl, RTI International
Joydip Kundu, Office of Management and Budget
Charles F. Larson, Innovation Research International
Rolf F. Lehming, National Science Foundation (retired)
Bruce V. Lewenstein, Cornell University
Joanna Lewis, Georgetown University
James H. Lightbourne, National Science Foundation
Mary Lindquist, Columbus State University
Elise S. Lipkowitz, National Science Foundation
Susan Carol Losh, Florida State University
B. Lindsay Lowell, Georgetown University
Barbara Means, SRI International
Eulus Moore, U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Ram Mudambi, Temple University
Gail Mulligan, National Center for Education Statistics
Francis Narin, CHI Research (retired)
Steve Olson, National Academy of Sciences
Deborah Olster, National Science Foundation
Amy Patterson, National Institutes of Health
Joshua Powers, Indiana State University
Stephen Provasnik, National Center for Education Statistics
John H. Ralph, National Center for Education Statistics
Andrew Reamer, George Washington University
E.J. Reedy, Kauffman Foundation
Andrew Revkin, The New York Times
Carol Robbins, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Jessica L. Robles, RTI International
Henry Sauermann, Georgia Institute of Technology
Lance A. Selfa, NORC at the University of Chicago
Meena Selvakumar, Pacific Science Center
Stephanie Shipp, Science and Technology Policy Institute
Michael Siegrist, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Nicole Smith, Georgetown University
Tom M. Smith, Vanderbilt University
Dixie Sommers, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Paula Stephan, Georgia State University
Laura Stubbs, U.S. Department of Defense
Kathryn Sullivan, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Gregory Tassey, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Ed Ungar, Taratec Corporation
Ted Weidner, Purdue University
John A. White, University of Arkansas
Grady Wilburn, National Center for Education Statistics
Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, World Intellectual Property Organization
Yu Xie, University of Michigan
Michael Zastrocky, The Leadership Board for CIOs