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Science and Technology in the World Economy

Knowledge- and Technology-Intensive Economic Activity

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-1 KTI share of GDP, by selected country/economy: 1999, 2005, and 2012
O-2 Output of KTI industries as a share of GDP for selected developing economies: 2012
O-3 Output of HT manufacturing industries for selected regions/countries/economies: 1997-2012
O-4 Global share of commercial KI services value added for selected countries/economies: 1997-2012

R&D Performance

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-5 Global R&D expenditures, by region: 2011
O-6 Global share of expenditures on R&D, by selected country/economy: 1996, 2005, and 2011
O-7 Gross expenditures on R&D as share of GDP, for the United States, EU, and selected other countries: 1981-2011

Workers with S&E Skills

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-8 Estimated number of researchers in selected countries/regions: 1995-2011
O-9 Researchers as a share of total employment in selected countries/regions: 1995-2011
O-10 First university degrees, by location: 2000-10 (corrected April 2014)
O-11 S&E first university degrees as a share of all first university degrees, by country: 2000-10
O-12 Internationally mobile students enrolled in tertiary education, by selected country: 2010

Research Publications

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-13 S&E articles, by global share of selected region/country: 2001-11
O-14 Share of U.S., EU, and China S&E articles that are in the world's top 1% of cited articles: 2002-12

Innovation-Related Indicators

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-15 USPTO patents granted, by location of inventor: 2003-12
O-16 Global triadic patent families, by selected region/country/economy: 1998-2010
O-17 USPTO patents granted, by selected technology areas for selected country/economy of inventor: 2010-12
O-18 Global exports of royalties and fees, by selected region/country/economy: 2004-11

The U.S. Science and Engineering Landscape

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-19 U.S. academic and non-academic S&E articles: 1997-2012
O-20 Share of articles authored at U.S. academic institutions that have authors from multiple U.S. institutions: Selected years, 1990-2012
O-21 Number of authors and authors per paper for U.S. academic institutions: 1988-2012

U.S. Higher Education

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-22 Federal awards and research expenditures at very high research activity institutions, by institutional control: 1987-2010
O-23 Community college attendance among recent S&E bachelor's recipients: 1999-2010
O-24 Selected average revenues and expenditures at public very high research universities: 1987-2010

Degree Production

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-25 S&E degrees, by level: 2000-11
O-26 Bachelor's degrees, by broad field of degree: 2000-11
O-27 Share of S&E bachelor's degrees among U.S. citizens and permanent residents, by race and ethnicity: 2000-11

Demographics of the U.S. S&E Labor Force

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-28 Women in the workforce and in S&E: 1993 and 2010
O-29 Women in S&E occupations: 1993-2010
O-30 Share of workers in S&E occupations, by selected race and ethnicity: Selected years, 1993-2010
O-31 Foreign-born workers in S&E occupations, by education level: 2000, 2006, and 2011
O-32 Foreign-born individuals with highest degree in S&E living in the United States, by place of birth: 2010

R&D Funding

Figure Title Slide Image Data
O-33 Ratio of U.S. federal-to-nonfederal funding for R&D: 1953-2011
O-34 Sources of S&E R&D funding for public and private academic institutions: FYs 1999 and 2012
O-35 U.S. total R&D expenditures: 1953-2011
O-36 Year-to-year changes in U.S. R&D expenditures, by performing sector: 2006-11