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Merit Review Process Fiscal Year 2013 Digest

NSF Merit Review Working Group (MRWG)

List of NSF Merit Review Working Group

Candace Major (co-chair)
cmajor@nsf.gov, 703-292-7597

Stephen P. Meacham (co-chair)
smeacham@nsf.gov, 703-292-8040

Sara B. Nerlove
snerlove@nsf.gov, 703-292-7077

David C. Croson
dcroson@nsf.gov, 703-292-7369

Jean Feldman
jfeldman@nsf.gov, 703-292-4573

Sven G. Koenig
skoenig@nsf.gov, 703-292-7242

Chuck Liarakos
cliarako@nsf.gov, 703-292-7904

Maureen B. Miller
mmiller@nsf.gov, 703-292-4273

Jose L. Munoz
jmunoz@nsf.gov, 703-292-8003

Sonia Ortega
sortega@nsf.gov, 703-292-5198

Jeffery S. Rich
jrich@nsf.gov, 703-292-4227

Elizabeth Velo
evelo@nsf.gov, 703-292-4498

Henry A. Warchall
hwarchal@nsf.gov, 703-292-4861

Susan J. Winter
swinter@nsf.gov, 703-292-8276

Administrative Support
Victoria Fung
vfung@nsf.gov, 703-292-7560

Brandon Stephens
bstephen@nsf.gov, 703-292-5035

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