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Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Project Director Award Amount
Project Title
9871363 Academy of Natural Sciences Joseph $108,268
Acquisition of Automated DNA Sequencing Instrumentation for Molecular Evolutionary and Systematics Core Laboratory
9871273 Alabama, U of - Birmingham Pike $152,164
Wide-Bore 8.5T NMR Spectrometer Console Replacement
9871270 Arizona State U Leshin $548,000
Acquisition of a Cameca IMS 6f Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer for Applications in Earth and Space Materials Research
9871035 Arizona, U of Donahue $1,335,000
Acquisition of a new Accelerator Mass Spectrometer
9871360 Arizona, U of Khitrova $268,223
Coherent Control of Quantum-Confined Systems Instrumentation
9871490 Arizona, U of Olszewski $700,000
Development of a Wide-Field, Prime-Focus, Optical CCD System for the Steward 2.3m Telescope
9871039 Associated Universities Inc/National Radio Astronomy Observatory Perley $417,259
Acquisition of Ultra Low Noise Receivers to Double the 7-mm Sensitivitiy of the Very Large Array
9871401 Augustana College Carlson $35,960
Acquisition of DNA Analysis Instrumentation for Biological Research and Undergraduate Training at Augustana College
9871016 Augustana College Spencer $64,344
Acquisition of a gamma spectroscopy system for radioisotope dating to support research and undergraduate training in paleolimnology
9871059 Bartol Research Institute Evenson $110,000
Development of Transportable Cosmic Ray Observatories
9871165 Black Hills State College Gabel $114,800
Acquisiiton of a Variable-Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscope and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer
9871219 Boston College Betke $150,000
Research Laboratory for Computer Science
9870995 Boston U Eldred $115,422
Aquisition of a confocal laser scanning microscope system
9871159 Boston U Nawab $265,271
Acquisition of Computer Facilities to Support an Interdisciplinary Multidata Signal and Image Processing Labo
9871130 Brandeis U Pochapsky $605,500
Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Structural Biology
9871240 Brown U Bower $171,575
9871213 Brown U Nurmikko $260,000
Acquisition of an Ultrafast Laser Spectrometer/Metrology System
9806325 California - U of - Berkeley Grigoropoulos $255,500
Femtosecond Laser Facility for Microscale Heat Transfer Research
9871235 California Institute of Technology Schroder $296,750
Equipment Acquisition for Research in Enabling Technologies for Volumetric Imaging, Responsive Displays, and Telecollaboration "
9871353 California Institute of Technology Wennberg $129,195
Development of an aircraft-borne instrument for analysis of the composition of semi-volatile aerosol particles and associated trace gas species
9731612 California, U of Taylor $400,000
Instrumentation for the Macromlecular Biophysics Facility at the UCSD
9871077 California, U of - Irvine Tyler $193,939
cquisition of a Continuous Flow Combustion/Gas Chromatography Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Use in Biogeochemical Cycling and Atmospheric Chemistry Research
9871332 California, U of - Los Angeles Rubin $190,000
Acquisition of X-ray Diffractometer for Chemistry & Materials Research
9871365 California, U of - San Diego Price $599,413
Development of High-Performance Scanning Cytometry Instrumentation for Tissue Engineering
9871359 California, U of - San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography Jaffe $488,618
Development of a free-fall fluorescence imaging and acoustic microstructure profiler
9870989 California, U of -Berkeley Leary $450,000
Acquisition of a Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer
9871225 Calvin College Sinniah $111,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe Microscope to Support Cross-Disciplinary Research Among Faculty and Undergraduate Students
9871110 Carnegie-Mellon U Prieve $428,284
Acquisition of Equipment to Study the Interplay among Inteparticle Forces, Structure and Macroscopic Behavior
9870984 Case Western Reserve U Heuer $250,000
Acquisition of An Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
9871345 Cincinnati, U of - Main Campus Paul $201,666
Acquisition of a Research Network for Distributing Computing
9808023 Clark U Nelson $299,850
Purchase of a Solid State NMR Spectrometer
9871264 Clarkson U Babu $158,655
Acquisition of Instrumentation for a Thin Film Characterization Facility
9870965 Clarkson U Fendler $189,000
Acquisition of a Time-Resolved Simultaneous Static and Dynamic Laser Light Scattering Goniometer Operating at 647 n
9871174 Cold Spring Harbor Lab Stillman $113,615
Acquisition of a Genomic Computing Resource
9871322 Colorado School of Mines Reimanis $105,000
" Acquisition of a Mechanical Properties Microprobe for Thin Films, Coatings, and Inhomogeneous Materials Characterization "
9870997 Colorado State U Dorhout $296,002
Acquisition of Materials Characterization Instrumentation for a Central Materials Analysis Facility at CSU
9871210 Colorado State U Menoni $243,290
Development of Novel Instrumentation for the Growth of Low Dimensional Structures using Molecular Beam Epitaxy
9871026 Cornell U - Endowed Clark $458,000
Nanofabrication Equipment to Support MEMS Research
9871302 Denison U Walter $200,916
Optical and Laser Spectroscopy Instrumentation for Research and Education
9871478 Denver, U of Megherbi $132,878
Development of Stat-ot-the-Art Instrumentation for Advanced Distributed Computing Systems for Research and Research Training
9729366 Einstein College Roussea $130,000
Integrated Rapid Mixing Apparatus for CD, Fluorescence, Absorbance, Raman, Chemical Quench and Freeze Quench
9871374 Field Museum of Natural History Pryer $188,845
Acquisition of a High-Capacity Multiprocessor Computer Server Cluster for Phylogenetic Analysis of DNA Sequence Data in Biological Research
9871154 Field Museum of Natural History Wadhwa $255,000
Acquisition of a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer Facility at the Field Museum
9871252 Florida International U Adjouadi $208,750
Acquisition Of An EEG-Based Imaging System For Human-Computer Interface Research
9808493 Florida State U Dorsey $275,000
A Time-Resolved Spectrometer Based on a Titanium: Sapphire Laser
9871085 Florida State U Xiong $125,000
Development of an Ultralow Temperature System with In Situ Thin Film Growth Capability
9871166 Florida State U Janecek $139,410
Acquisition of Core Logging Equipment for the Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility
9871196 Florida State U Sethuraman $139,254
9871319 Georgia Tech Research Corp - GA Inst of Tech Martin $1,072,360
Establishment of a Wafer Level Batch Packaging Research Facility
9871378 Hampton U Keppel $105,830
Development of Compact Beta and Gamma Detectors for Biomedical Applications
9870959 Hawaii, U of - Manoa Mocz $100,000
Acquisition of an Automated DNA Sequencer for Advanced Biomolecular Research
9871347 Health Research, Inc. Frank $765,730
Acquisition of a 200 kV Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope for Macromolecular Imaging
9871003 Idaho State U House $119,103
Acquisition of Research Equipment for the First GIS Center in Southeastern Idaho
9871024 Idaho, U of Waits $271,615
Acquisition of Equipment for a Molecular Genetics Core Facility for Research and Research Training in Conservation Genetics and Molecular Ecology
9802090 Illinois, U of - Chicago DeFanti $750,000
Instrumentation Development for Human-Centered Tele-Immersion
9871058 Illinois, U of - Chicago DeFanti $800,000
CISE Research Infrastructure: CAVERN: The CAVE Research
9871119 Illinois, U of - Urbana-Champaign Gibson $1,000,000
Acquisition of a Field-Emission Energy-Filtering Transmission Electron Microscope for Materials Research
9871103 Illinois, U of -Urbana-Champaign Carragher $498,263
Acquisition of a Field Emission Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Multidisciplinary Research Projects at UIUC
9871480 Illinois, U of-Urbana-Champaign Ambrose $336,208
Acquisition of Finnigan MAT 252 Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
9871243 Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis Rosenberg $200,000
Acquisition of SEM/EDS/WDS FOR Earth and Life Science
9871456 Johns Hopkins U Moudrianakis $404,637
A Multi-User, Research & Training Ultracentrifugation Facility
9809187 Louisiana St U & A&M Coll Hales $280,000
Upgrade of LSU NMR Facility
9871417 Louisiana State U & Agricultural and Mechanical College Meletis $310,000
Acquisition of an Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope
9871406 Louisiana Tech U Johnston $300,000
The Multidisciplinary Equipment Enhancement Project
9871411 Maine, U of Dagher $700,000
Acquistion of Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Manufacturing and Science Laboratory
9871314 Maryland, U of - College Park Jarvis $530,660
Acquisition and Upgrade of X-ray Diffractometers at the University of Maryland
9871156 Maryland, U of - College Park Kiger $186,727
Acquisition of a Phase Doppler Anemometer for Engineering Education and Research in Multiphase Flow
9808061 Massachusetts Inst of Tech Danheiser $243,970
Modernization of a500MHZ iNSTRUMENT
9871329 Massachusetts Inst of Tech Lauffenburger $233,434
Development of the MIT QMIP Network
9871398 Massachusetts, U of - Amherst Schaubert $354,481
Development of an Active-Passive Millimeter Wave Remote Sensing System for Cloud Measurements
9871451 Massachusetts, U of -Amherst Kaltashov $338,133
Acquisition of a high-performance two-sector mass spectrometer for research in chemistry and material sciences
9871468 Miami, U of - Rosentiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Scs Powell $500,000
Acquisition of an Integrated System of Shipboard Profiling and Surveying Instrumentationfor Interdisciplinary Studies in Shallow Tropical and Sub-Tropical Marine Environments
9871355 Michigan State U Lucas $179,722
Acquisition of Mechanical Properties Microprobe: Nano Indenter II
9871462 Michigan State U Thoennessen $617,500
MSU/FSU Consortium Development of a Compact Sweeper Magnet for Neutron Coincidence Experiments at the NSCL
9871133 Michigan Technological U Seidel $260,246
Acquisition of Computational Facilities for Michigan Tech's Computational Science and Engineering Program
9871177 Michigan, U of -Ann Arbor Mansfield $690,000
Acquisition of a Field Emission Gun Analytical Electron Microscope for the University of Michigan Electron Microbeam
9871253 Michigan, U of -Ann Arbor Mastrangelo $486,710
Proposal for Purchase of Lithographic Mask Maker
9871237 Minnesota, U of - Twin Cities Nelsestuen $349,370
Mass Spectrometry for Biological Sciences
9871184 Missouri, U of - Columbia Schatten $273,445
Acquisition of Scanning Electron Microscope for Multi-User Electron Microscopy Core Facility
9871288 Missouri, U of - Columbia Pai $154,977
Acquisition of a Scanning Laser Vibrometer
9871185 Missouri, U of - Rolla Liou $378,096
Development of A Five-Axis Rapid Metal Forming System
9729592 MIT Stubbe $279,650
Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Console
9729647 Montana U. Jacobs $228,000
A Confocal Microscope for Biological Research
9871068 Montana State U Perkins $136,420
Acquisition and Development of Materials Testing Equipment and Computational Facilities For Granular Media
9871191 Montana State U Miller $200,000
Acquisition of a Distributed Computing Cluster for Computational Biology Research
9871427 Mount Holyoke College Decatur $59,605
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Peptide Synthesis and Purification
9871192 Nevada, U of - Desert Research Inst Moosmuller $442,765
Development of Instrumentation to Measure Atmospheric Light Extinction and its Scattering and Absorption Components
9871226 New Hampshire, U of Mayewski $110,000
Acquisition of Ion Chromatographs and related Glaciochemistry equipment
9871272 New Jersey Inst of Tech Farmer $467,380
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Deep Reactive Ion Etching of Ultra-Thin Bonded Wafers
9871266 New Mexico Inst of Mining & Tech McPherson $139,334
Acquisition of Computer Workstations Necessary for Hydrogeologic and Geophysical Research
9871443 New Mexico State U LeBlanc $123,177
Development of WISTE: Wireless Indoor Space-Time Environment
9871292 New Mexico, U of Datye $999,500
Acquisition of a FEG Transmission Electron Microscope for Nanostructured Materials and Earth Sciences Research
9870970 New York U Disotell $115,045
Interdepartmental (Biology, Anthropology, Chemistry) Genetic Analysis Facility
9871160 North Carolina, U of - Chalotte Greenberg $139,340
Acquisition of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation for the Regional Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
9871222 North Carolina, U of - Chapel Hill Fuchs $1,300,000
Acquisition of a Graphics Supercomputer for Synthetic Environments Serving Science and Engineering
9871223 North Dakota State U - Fargo Rodgers $598,900
Acquisition of a 500-MHz NMR Spectrometer
9871134 North Dakota, U of - Main Campus Smoliakova $329,764
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research and Education in Chemistry
9871022 Northeastern U Cooperman $227,794
A High-Performance, Low-Cost Testbed for Network-based Research
9871246 Northern Illinois U Mini $166,340
Development of High Energy Resolution Anomalous X-ray Scattering Instrumentation for High-Brilliance Synchrotron Beamlines
9871268 Northwestern U Lambert $450,000
Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Chemical Research
9870990 Notre Dame, U of Scheidt $200,913
Acquisition of an EPR(ESR) Spectrometer
9870993 Ohio State U - Research Foundation Lempert $240,568
Development of a MHz Rate Flow Imaging System
9808052 Ohio State Univ. Platz $183,500
Purchase of Instumentation for Nanosecond Time-Resolved Infared measurements
9871259 Oklahoma State U Apblett $111,246
"Aquisition of an X-ray Powder Diffractometer and an X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Chemical, Materials and Environmental Research and Education "
9871207 Oklahoma, U of - Norman Wurman $200,000
Development of a New Technology Mobile Doppler Weather Radar Network
9871047 Old Dominion U - Research Foundation Jones $490,000
Aquisition of a high resolution inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer for analysis of biological, environmental
9871100 Old Dominion U - Research Foundation Wheless $230,000
A Visual Supercomputing Facility for Rapid Environmental Assessment
9871076 Oregon State U Klinkhammer $100,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for the Plasma Spectroscopy Facility at Oregon State University
9871267 Oregon, U of - Eugene Cohen $105,630
Acquisition of a SQUID Magnetometer
9871096 Pennsylvania, U of Williams $445,707
Facility for the Development of High Speed Electronics Circuits for the Study of Elementary Particle Interactions and Neutrino Astrophysics
9871124 Pittsburgh, U of Jordan $230,000
A Parallel Processing Facility for Computational Chemistry and Materials Modeling
9871313 Pittsburgh, U of Ichimura $288,144
Acquisition and Development of a New Computing Environment for the Department of Economics at University of Pittsburgh
9871186 Princeton U Johnson $1,248,931
Acquisition of Core Equipment for Princeton Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Initiative
9871423 Puerto Rico, U of - Mayaguez Ripperdan $256,868
"Acquisition of a gas source isotope ratio mass spectrometer for stable isotope analyses at the University of Puerto Rico
9871020 Purdue U Lauterbach $147,583
Development of an Imaging FT-IR System for Combinatorial Sciences
9808457 Purdue U Walton $300,000
Aquisition for a 400 MHz Solid-State NMR Spectrometer
9871053 Purdue U Sameh $700,000
Acquisition of a Computational Environment for Scientific Computing
9871040 Purdue U Bennetzen $876,500
Acquisition of Equipment for a Comprehensive Agricultural Genomics Laboratory at Purdue University
9871241 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst Kilduff $522,189
Acquistition of Instrumentation for Research on the Continuum of Aqueous Colloids and Particles in Natural and Engineered Environmental Systems
9870947 Rhode Island, U of Shukla $322,759
Acquisition of Ultra High Speed Imaging System and Light Source for Dynamic Mechanics Studies
9871042 Rochester, U of Houde-Walter $260,000
MRI: Acquisition of SEM/EDX for Materials and Device Research
9871088 Rutgers U - Camden Palis $148,406
Acquisition of a Scalable Parallel Supercomputer for the Science Vision Center
9871116 Rutgers U - New Brunswick Schnetzer $810,103
Consortium Development of Diamond Vertex Tracking Detectors in Elementary Particle Physics
9871182 Skidaway Inst of Oceanography Windom $168,198
Acquisition of Replacement ICPMS and AA Systems
9871019 South Carolina, U of - Columbia Willer $179,800
ExNet III: A Multifunctional Instrument for Social Science Experimentation
9871010 South Dakota State U Ting $141,617
Acquisition of a Three-Component Fiber-Optic Laser-Doppler Velocimeter for Measurement of Fluid Turbulence
9871000 South Dakota, U of Solheim $267,452
Acquisition of a Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter (FACS) for Research in Biology
9871448 Southern California, U of Blackwelder $204,020
An Advanced Diagnostic Wind Tunnel for the Study of Transportation Aerodynamics
9870954 Southern Mississippi, U of Shiller $400,000
Acquisition of a high resolution inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (HR-ICP-MS) for the central Gulf Coast region
9871315 Southwestern Louisiana, U of Tzeng $102,400
Acquisition of Networked Heterogeneous Computer Systems
9871089 SUNY at Albany Izzard $433,891
Acquisition of a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope for Cell and Neurobiologists
9871132 SUNY at Buffalo Miller $300,000
Structural Studies and Methodologies in Chemistry and Molecular Biology
9871296 SUNY at Stony Brook Alexander $223,300
A Shared Facility for Rapid Access and Analysis of Massive DATA Blocks: RAMDATA
9871152 SUNY at Stony Brook Larson $498,940
Integrated Crystal Growth and Wafer Manufacture Facility
9871366 SUNY at Stony Brook Squires $205,375
Acquisition of a system for combined recording of fMRI and Event-Related Potentials in humans
9871388 SUNY College at Geneseo McPherson $24,675
Acquisition of a Fluorescence Microplate Reader
9807975 Texas A&M Schweikert $197,500
Acquisition of a CCSD-Based X-Ray Diffractometer
9871390 Texas A&M Mullet $563,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Functional Genomics and Beyond
9810937 Texas Engineering Exp. Station Volz $134,996
Instrumentation Grants for Research in CISE: Training in Virtual and Real Environments
9871290 Texas Tech U Gangopadhyay $386,000
Advanced Processing Equipment for Microelectronics Research
9871301 Texas, U of - Austin Banner $229,100
Acquisition of a magnetic-sector, high-resolution inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer for the University of Texas at Austin
9871249 Texas, U of - Austin Varghese $178,770
Novel Laser Velocimeter using Modulated Filtered Rayleigh Scattering
9871161 Texas, U of - El Paso Keller $583,600
Acquisition of a Pool of Highly Portable Seismic Recorders for Use by the Seismological Community
9871009 Tulane U Marcantonio $183,372
Consortium Proposal: Acquisition of an ICP-MS for Elemental and Isotopic Analysis in the Earth and Environmental Sciences
9843572 UCAR Anthes $653,805
Support of the National Center for Atmospheric Research
9871440 Utah, U of Riesenfeld $1,300,000
Acquisition of Equipment for Telecollaboration, Telepresence and Design
9871234 Vanderbilt U Feldman $565,985
"Acquisition of an Apparatus for Precision Fabrication of Nanostructures and Nanoclusters for Chemistry, Materials Science, and Physics Research "
9871063 Vanderbilt U - School of Medicine Piston $428,939
Development of a multi-function laser scanning microscope
9871036 Vermont, U of - State Agricultural College Fuhr $106,300
Photonic Test Equipment for Laboratory and Field Use in Fiber Optic Sensing and Smart Structures Research
9871147 Virginia Commonwealth U Morkoc $170,000
Acquisition of an X-ray Diffractometer for the Study of Thin Films and Nanostructured Materials
9871070 Washington U Walker $500,000
Acquisition of new type of ion microprobe - the nanosims- for geochemical and astrophysical investigation of terrestrial materials
9871206 Washington, U of Seidler $150,000
Development of Enhanced x-ray Diffraction Capability for the PNC-CAT Beamlines
9870945 Washington, U of Hobbs $399,099
Instrumentation for the University of Washington's Integrated Airborne Atmospheric Research Facility
9808182 Washington, U of - Seattle Hopkins $337,920
Theoretical Chemistry Computer Facility
9871386 Wistar Institute Riethman $101,412
Acquistion of Equipment for Genomic Analysis Using Microarray Technology
9871120 Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst Edson $849,515
Development of a Nearshore Observatory for Meteorological and Oceanographic Studies
9870994 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Caron $203,188
Acquisition of Flow Cytometry and Light Microscopy Facility at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
9870971 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Walker $145,051
Acquisition of a High-Performance Computer for Mathematical Sciences Applications
9871107 Wright State University Mukhopadhyay $300,000
Acquisition of Ultra-High Vacuum Photoelectron Spectroscopy Facility
9871049 Wyoming, U of Vali $187,112
Development of Freezing Nucleation Apparatus
9871262 Wyoming, U of Welker $335,000
Acquisition of a Stable Isotope Facility to Study Terrestrial Processes and their Interaction with Climate and
9730059 Yale High School Nathanson $239,000
A Two-Photon Imaging System for Biological Research and Education
9870972 Yale Southern Observatory, Inc. van Altena $235,000
Acquisition of a CCD Imaging System to Complete the Yale-San Juan Southern Proper Motion Program
9808450 Yale U Crothers $197,500
Purchase of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
9871338 Yale U Wu $170,000
Acquisition of High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer for Materials Research
9871115 Yale U Williams $314,531
Acquisition of a QUATTRO II Mass Spectrometer for the W.M. Keck Resource Laboratory at Yale University


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