Perfect Spiral

Image: Gemini Captures the "Perfect Spiral"

Caption: This "First-Light" image was obtained with a state-of-the-art instrument called the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph (GMOS) on the Gemini North Telescope on Hawaii's Mauna Kea. The image shows the large galaxy in Pisces called NGC 628 (or Messier 74) which has been called the "Perfect Spiral Galaxy" due to its nearly idea form, which is clearly revealed in this image.

GMOS is primarily designed for spectroscopic studies where several hundred simultaneous spectra are required, such as when observing star and galaxy clusters. However, as this dramatic image demonstrates, GMOS also has the ability to focus beautiful astronomical images on its huge array of over 28 million ultra-sensitive pixels. This is an optical light image made of 3 separate "B&W" images obtained in the g', r' and i' bands.

Source: Gemini North/South Observatory Image Gallery CD-ROM

Note: All images on this CD-ROM can be used for non-commercial (non-endorsement) and educational purposes with proper credit. All images have credit lines provided in this document and imbedded in PhotoShop "File Information" files.

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