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Division of Polar Programs Organization chart

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artic program logo


  • Kelly Falkner, Director


  • Vacant, Senior Advisor, Policy Analyst & Operations
  • Peter West, Polar Outreach Manager
  • Winifred Reuning, Polar Programs Web Manager
  • Elizabeth Rom, Polar Education Liaison
  • Kimiko Bowens-Knox, Program Analyst
  • Erica Wallstrom, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow
  • Pawnee Maiden, Administrative Officer
  • David Friscic, Technical Information Specialist
  • Angela Lyons, Program & Technology Analyst
  • Scot Arnold, Business Analyst
  • Dan King, IT Specialist (Contractor)
  • Andrew Backe, Program Analyst
  • Theodore Hancock, Program Specialist


  • Scott Borg, Section Head

  • Mark Kurz, Antarctic Earth Sciences Program Director
  • Thomas Wilch, Antarctic Earth Sciences Program Director
  • Peter Milne, Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Program Director
  • Paul Cutler, Antarctic Glaciology Program Director
  • Julie Palais, Antarctic Glaciology Program Director (on detail)
  • Charles Amsler, Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Program Director
  • Christian Fritsen, Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Program Director
  • Vladimir Papitashvili, Antarctic Astrophysics and Geospace Science Program Director
  • [Vacant], Antarctic Integrated System Sciences Program Director
  • Michael E. Jackson, Antarctic Research and Logistics Integration Program Manager
  • Nature McGinn, Antarctic Research & Logistics Integration Assoc. PD
  • Desiree Marshall, Program Coordination Specialist


  • Brian Stone, Section Head

  • George Blaisdell, Chief Program Manager
  • Paul Sheppard, Systems Manager, Operations and Logistics
  • Timothy McGovern, Ocean Project Manager
  • Jessie Crain, Research Support Manager
  • Ben D. Roth, Facilities Engineering Projects Manager
  • Peter A. Ridilla, Facilities Construction, Operations and Maintenance Manager
  • Arthur Brown, Manager, Specialized Support
  • Margaret Knuth, Operations Manager
  • Patrick Smith, Technology Development Manager
  • Tim Howard, IT Communication & Operations Manager
  • Michael Scheuerman, Aviation Program Manager
  • Russel McElyea, Antarctic Support Contract Specialist
  • Carlena Fooks, Program Coordination Specialist
  • Nadene Kennedy, Polar Coordination Specialist
  • William Henriksen, NSF Station Manager, Winter
  • Terry Melton, NSF Station Manager, Summer

  • Contractor, Military, and Other Federal Agency Staff
    • Rick McKeown, ANG Liaison
    • Greg Jones, DOD/USAF Liaison
    • Desari Mattox, USAP Information Security Manager (Contractor)


  • Eric Saltzman, Section Head

  • Vacant, Deputy Section Head
  • Neil Swanberg, Arctic System Science Program Director
  • Diane McKnight, Associate Arctic System Science Program Director
  • Anna Kerttula de Echave, Arctic Social Sciences Program Director
  • Hedy Edmonds, Arctic Natural Sciences Program Director
  • William Wiseman, Arctic Natural Sciences Program Director
  • William Ambrose, Arctic Observing Network Program Director
  • Patrick Haggerty, Research Support and Logistics Director
  • Renee Crain, Research Support and Logistics Director
  • [Vacant], Program Director, Cyber Infrastructure & Sensors
  • [Vacant], Program Director Arctic Natural Sciences
  • [Vacant], Junior Project Manager (Contractor)
  • Monte Ingram, Planning & Controls Manager (Contractor)
  • Linda Izzard, Program Coordination Specialist
  • Karen Sloane, Program Specialist
  • Roberto Delgado, AAAS Fellow
  • Randall Sisco, Arctic Support Contract Specialst


  • Susanne LaFrata, Section Head
  • Polly Penhale, Environmental Officer & Interim Medical Officer
  • Anthony C. Pierpoint, Safety and Health Officer
  • Gwendolyn Adams, Safety and Occupational Health Manager
  • Vacant, Program Specialist
  • Vacant, Environmental Policy Specialist
  • Li Ling Hamady, Environmental Policy Specialist

Names in italics indicate that the individual is a temporary employee.

Last updated: 22 July 2015


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