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Antarctic Glaciology - News

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ice core drilling at Summit, Greenland Greenland ice cores show industrial record of acid rain, success of U.S. Clean Air Act
Released April 11, 2014
News From the Field
An unmanned aircraft Unmanned aircraft successfully tested as tool for measuring changes in polar ice sheets
Released April 1, 2014
Press Release
2,600-year-old larch leaf Alpine glacier, unchanged for thousands of years, now melting
Released December 11, 2013
News From the Field
polar graphic Pre-industrial rise in greenhouse gases had natural and anthropogenic causes
Released November 21, 2013
News From the Field
Brian Bencivengo, of the National Ice Core Laboratory, hold a segment of the WAIS ice core. Antarctic ice core sheds new light on how the last ice age ended
Released August 15, 2013
Press Release
drilled ice core Study explains early warming of West Antarctica at end of last ice age
Released August 14, 2013
News From the Field
Brian Bencivengo holds a segement of WAIS ice core Earth orbit changes key to Antarctic warming that ended last ice age
Released August 14, 2013
News From the Field
a one-meter long section of the WAIS core Recent Climate, Glacier Changes in Antarctica at the "Upper Bound" of Normal
Released April 14, 2013
News From the Field
Photo of scientist examining an ice core. Antarctic Ice Core Contains Unrivaled Detail of Past Climate
Released February 5, 2013
Press Release
Pine Island drill camp Trio of Complex Antarctic Science Projects Reaches Significant Technological Milestones "on the Ice"
Released December 20, 2012
Press Release
replicate ice from 3001 meters depth Innovations in Ice Drilling Enable Abrupt Climate Change Discoveries
Released December 17, 2012
News From the Field
image of an ice sheet Antarctic Ice Sheet Quakes Shed Light on Ice Movement and Earthquakes
Released August 23, 2012
News From the Field
photos of the Sulzberger Ice Shelf Pacific Tsunami Creates Icebergs in Antarctica
Released August 12, 2011
News From the Field
researchers sample ice at the South Pole UCI Studies Find Different Reasons for Global Methane Riddle
Released August 10, 2011
News From the Field
image of a weather station West Antarctic Warming Triggered by Warmer Sea Surface in Tropical Pacific
Released April 10, 2011
News From the Field
the glacier-carved Bowen River drainage Novel Technique Reveals How Glaciers Sculpted Their Valleys
Released March 31, 2011
News From the Field
image of a storm at a field camp Some Antarctic Ice is Forming from Bottom
Released March 3, 2011
News From the Field
ice core packaged in plastic sleeves Deepest Core Drilled From Antarctic Peninsula; May Contain Glacial Stage Ice
Released April 12, 2010
News From the Field
The Meridian Successful Flight of Unmanned Craft Enhances KU's Role in Climate Change Research
Released September 9, 2009
News From the Field
Photo of Rebecca Anderson of the Desert Research Institute examining an ice core section New Antarctic Ice Core to Provide Clearest Climate Record Yet
Released January 22, 2008
Press Release
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