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About Emerging Frontiers (EF)

The Emerging Frontiers (EF) Division is an incubator for 21st Century Biology.  EF supports multidisciplinary research opportunities and networking activities that arise from advances in disciplinary research.  By encouraging synergy between disciplines, EF provides a mechanism by which new initiatives will be fostered and subsequently integrated into core programs.

Funding Opportunities Information:

To discover more information about EF programs, please click “Programs” in the left navigation bar.

For more information about active EF funding opportunities, please click "Funding" in the left navigation bar.

For “Dear Colleague Letters” and BIO's guidance on data management plans, please click "Additional Resources" in the left navigation bar.

Contact Us:

EF staff may be contacted via individual email addresses in the EF staff directory.

If you're a new visitor to the Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) website or just want a quick visual and textual summary of BIO areas of support, please visit the "About" page for the Directorate to access an interactive organization chart.