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REU Sites

REU Sites: Biological Sciences

APPLICATIONS: Students must contact the individual site or program to apply. NSF does not have application materials and does not select student participants.

ELIGIBILITY: Individual sites may have additional eligibility requirements (e.g., number of undergraduate years completed). Undergraduate student participants supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions. High school graduates who have not yet enrolled, and students who have already received their bachelor's degrees, are not eligible.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Click on the Title of the Site in the "Site Information" column to go to the homepage (if available) for that Site. Sites are ordered alphabetically by host institution. All Sites provide stipends, housing and meals, in addition to travel to and from the Site. This listing will change as new REU Site awards are made. Sites are added or deleted as decisions are made on awards, and the list is updated periodically. Clicking on a highlighted site title should direct you to the web page for more information on that program.

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REU Sites
Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Primary: Steven Whitfield
(305) 251-0400
Secondary: Elizabeth Anderson
(305) 348-0146
Research Topics/Keywords: Conservation Biology, Ecology, Environmental Education
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Conservation Science at Zoo MiamiAbstract of Award
Yale University
REU Site: Research training in biomedical sciences and engineering
Physical and Engineering Biology
New Haven, Connecticut
Primary: Corey O'Hern
(203) 432-4258
Secondary: Dorottya Noble
(203) 432-2751
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biomedical, bioengineering, interdisciplinary, convergent, quantitative, systems biology, data science, biomechanics
Comments: Best contact is the Co-PI
REU Site: Research training in biomedical sciences and engineeringAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Houston, Texas
Primary: Jonathan Silberg
(713) 348-3849
Secondary: Natasha Kirienko
(713) 348-2581
Research Topics/Keywords: Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Cell Biology, Chemical Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Physical Biology, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology
Comments: Kimberly M'Carver
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Program in Multi-scale Biological NetworksAbstract of Award
Albany, New York
Primary: Randall Morse
(518) 486-3116
Secondary: Matthew Kohn
(518) 474-6196
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, collaborative research, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, structural biology, computational biology, bioinformatics
Comments: please contact us at (518)-474-6196,
REU Site: Networked Projects in Cell and Molecular Biology at the Wadsworth CenterAbstract of Award
Utah State University
REU Site: STEM for Plant Health
Biological Engineering
Logan, Utah
Primary: David Britt
(435) 797-2158
Secondary: Anne Anderson
(720) 438-8831
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, agriculture, bioengineering, plant physiology, microbiome, probiotic, soil health, natural products, biotechnology, nanotechnology
REU Site: STEM for Plant HealthAbstract of Award
University of Wisconsin Madison
REU Site: Biological Interactions from Molecules to Ecosystems- Phenotype, Genotype, and Environment
Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement (WISCIENCE)
Madison, Wisconsin
Primary: Amber Robertson Smith
(608) 262-0850
Secondary: David Wassarman
(608) 262-6648
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, molecular, cellular, organismal, ecological, DNA, genetics, biochemistry, bacteriology, botany
REU Site: Biological Interactions from Molecules to Ecosystems- Phenotype, Genotype, and EnvironmentAbstract of Award
University of Washington
REU Site: Big Data and Science Communication
Genome Sciences
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Christine Queitsch
(206) 685-8935
Secondary: Atom Lesiak
(970) 218-0193
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, genetics, genomics, proteomics, evolution, computational biology, developmental biology, technology development, microbiome, genome editing, DNA replication, data science
Comments: The point of contact for student applications is Brian Giebel. 206-616-7297;
REU Site: Big Data and Science CommunicationAbstract of Award
Friday Harbor Laboratories, Washington
Primary: Adam Summers
(310) 864-1491
Secondary: Stacy Farina
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, Marine Biology, ecology, evolution, fish, invertebrates, island
REU Site: Integrative Biology and Ecology of Marine OrganismsAbstract of Award
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Eric Chudler
(206) 616-6899
Secondary: Rajesh Rao
(206) 685-9141
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, neuroscience, neurotechnology, neuroethics, neurophysiology
REU Site: Sensorimotor Neural EngineeringAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering, Department of Defense (DoD)
Boyce, Virginia
Primary: Kyle Haynes
(540) 837-1758
Secondary: Mary McKenna
(202) 806-6103
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, ecology, evolution, pollination, insects, plants, terrestrial, aquatic , populations, communities, ecosystems, entomology, botany
Comments: For more information, contact Dr. Haynes at
REU Site: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Virginia's Blandy Experimental FarmAbstract of Award
Charlottesville, Virginia
Primary: Eric Nagy
(434) 243-4989
Secondary: Edmund Brodie
(434) 243-1068
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, amphibian, aquatic, behavior, botany, cell, collections, community, conservation, diversity, ecology, ecosystem, entomology, evolution, field, genetics, insect, mammal, microbiology
Comments: The focus of the REU program is population biology at the intersection of field-based studies of ecology, evolution, and behavior. Students do independent projects and take leadership roles.
REU Site: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Field Research at Mountain Lake Biological StationAbstract of Award
University of Toledo
REU Site: Addressing Environmental Challenges and Proposing Sustainable Solutions at the Lake Erie Land-Lake Interface
Environmental Sciences, Geography and Planning, and Civil Engineering
Toledo, Ohio
Primary: Jeanine Refsnider
(419) 530-2664
Secondary: Kevin Czajkowski
(419) 530-4274
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, climate change, eco-immunology, fish, green engineering, harmful algal blooms, invasive species, land use, nutrient transport, public health, remote sensing
REU Site: Addressing Environmental Challenges and Proposing Sustainable Solutions at the Lake Erie Land-Lake InterfaceAbstract of Award
University of Texas at El Paso
REU Site: Summer Program in Chihuahuan Desert Biodiversity
Biological Sciences
El Paso, Texas
Primary: Michael Moody
(915) 747-5087
Secondary: Jerry Johnson
(915) 747-6984
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, ecology, evolution, conservation, climate, organismal
REU Site: Summer Program in Chihuahuan Desert BiodiversityAbstract of Award
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Primary: Hong Qin
(423) 425-4329
Secondary: Yingfeng Wang
(423) 425-1320
Research Topics/Keywords: Computational biology, data science, machine learning, deep learning, genomics, bioinformatics, pandemics, epidemiology, ecology, cell biology, biochemistry, environment, quantum computing
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Computational Biology (iCompBio2)Abstract of Award
Knoxville, Tennessee
Primary: Steven Wilhelm
(865) 974-0665
Secondary: Gary LeCleir
(865) 974-4014
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, microbiology, molecular ecology, microbial communities, microbial biochemistry
Comments: The program is co-ordinated by Dr LeCleir
REU Site: Microbial community interactions and functionsAbstract of Award
University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
REU Site: Interdisciplinary and Quantitative Biology Research Experience for Undergraduates (IQ-Bio-REU)
Department of Biology / Department of Computer Sciences
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Primary: Juan Ramirez-Lugo
(787) 764-0000
Secondary: Patricia Ordonez
(787) 764-0000
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, computational biology, ecology, genomics, molecular biology, quantitative biology
Comments: Juan S. Ramírez-Lugo: 787-764-0000 x. 88068 Patricia Ordonez: 787-764-0000 x. 88352
REU Site: Interdisciplinary and Quantitative Biology Research Experience for Undergraduates (IQ-Bio-REU)Abstract of Award
University of Pittsburgh
REU Site: Training and Experimentation in Computational Biology (TECBio)
Computational and Systems Biology
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Joseph Ayoob
(412) 648-8646
Secondary: Chakra Chennubhotla
(412) 648-7794
Research Topics/Keywords: computational biology, systems biology, quantitative biology, bioinformatics
Comments: Program Coordinator: Adam Kohlhaas,, 412-648-8102
REU Site: Training and Experimentation in Computational Biology (TECBio)Abstract of Award
Eugene, Oregon
Primary: Peter O'Day
(541) 346-4556
Secondary: Bryan Rebar
(541) 346-4773
Research Topics/Keywords: molecular,biochemistry,structural biology & biophysics,bioinformatics,molecular neurobiology,molecular evolution,microbiology,developmental,genomics,molecular genetics,cell& computational biology
REU Site Program in Molecular Biosciences at the University of OregonAbstract of Award
University of Oregon, Eugene
Exploration of marine biology on the Oregon coast
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB)
Charleston, Oregon
Primary: Dr. Maya Watts
(541) 888-2581
Secondary: Dr. Richard Emlet
Research Topics/Keywords: Marine biology, invertebrate ecology, larval ecology/biology, embryology, trophic ecology, cell biology, oceanography, behavioral ecology, zooplankton, biomechanics, estuarine biology/ecology
Comments: The application website is normally opened in December/January with deadlines in February/March.
Exploration of marine biology on the Oregon coastAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame
REU Site: Integrative Cell and Molecular Biology
Biological Sciences
Notre Dame, Indiana
Primary: Michelle Whaley
(574) 631-9343
Secondary: David Hyde
(574) 631-8054
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, genomics
REU Site: Integrative Cell and Molecular BiologyAbstract of Award
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Primary: Van Doze
(701) 777-6222
Research Topics/Keywords: Biosciences, Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Environmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Genetics
Comments: Point of contact: Van Doze,, 701-777-6222
REU Site: Genes & the Environment: Research Experiences for Undergraduates from Rural & Tribal CollegesAbstract of Award
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Biological Mechanisms
Microbiology and Immunology Department
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Primary: Miriam Braunstein
(919) 966-5051
Secondary: Mark Peifer
(919) 962-2271
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, microbiology, developmental biology, biochemistry
Comments: Debra Ragland, Program Coordinator,, 919-962-4982
REU Site: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Biological MechanismsAbstract of Award
San Acacia, New Mexico
Primary: Scott Collins
(505) 325-6303
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, aridland ecology, biodiversity, plants, birds, arthropods, lizards, climate variability, fire, primary production, soils, population dynamics
Comments: Program Coordinator Stephanie Baker
REU Site: Population, community and ecosystem dynamics in the northern Chihuahuan DesertAbstract of Award
University of Nevada Las Vegas
REU Site: Mechanisms of Evolution
School of Life Sciences
Las Vegas, Nevada
Primary: Kurt Regner
(702) 895-1071
Secondary: Eduardo Robleto
(702) 895-2496
Research Topics/Keywords: Evolution, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics
Comments: Kurt Regner/Eduardo Robleto
REU Site: Mechanisms of EvolutionAbstract of Award
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
REU Site: Bioenergy Systems
School of Biological Sciences
Lincoln, Nebraska
Primary: Paul Blum
(402) 472-2769
Secondary: Heriberto Cerutti
(402) 472-0247
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, plant science
REU Site: Bioenergy SystemsAbstract of Award
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
REU Site: Training in Redox Biology
Lincoln, Nebraska
Primary: Donald Becker
(402) 472-9652
Secondary: Julie Stone
(402) 472-4902
Research Topics/Keywords: Redox biology, biochemistry, oxidative stress, redox signaling and regulation, enzymes, protein structure, molecular biology
Comments: Hannah Kahler/Administrative Assistant/
REU Site: Training in Redox BiologyAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry
University of Missouri
REU Site: Summer Research Projects in Neuroscience
College of Arts & Sciences and College of Engineering
Columbia, Missouri
Primary: Satish Nair
(573) 882-2964
Secondary: David Schulz
(573) 882-4067
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, neuroscience, computational, interdisciplinary, engineering
REU Site: Summer Research Projects in NeuroscienceAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
University of Michigan
REU Site - Interdisciplinary REU in the Structure and Function of Proteins
College of Pharmacy - Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Primary: Cherie Dotson
(734) 615-6562
Secondary: Emily Scott
(734) 764-3530
Research Topics/Keywords: biology, biosciences, biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, computational chemistry, enzymology
Comments: same as PI
REU Site - Interdisciplinary REU in the Structure and Function of ProteinsAbstract of Award
University of Michigan
REU Site: Summer Intensive Research Experiences in Neurosicence (SIREN)
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Primary: R. Keith Duncan
(734) 763-2129
Secondary: Shelly Flagel
(734) 936-2033
Research Topics/Keywords: biosciences, biology, neuroscience, neurobiology, neuroengineering, psychology
Comments: Coordinator: Valerie Smith,, 734-615-1783
REU Site: Summer Intensive Research Experiences in Neurosicence (SIREN)Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
260 miles north of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Primary: Dr. David Karowe
(269) 387-5630
Research Topics/Keywords: Ecology & Atmospheric Sciences: Global Change, Botany, Zoology, Biogeochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology
Comments: Interdisciplinary program focused on the ecological and atmospheric causes and consequences of global change
REU Site: Environmental Change in the Great Lakes Region: Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere InteractionsAbstract of Award
Cofunded: Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences
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