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REU Sites: Engineering

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Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Primary: Kathryn Hollar
(617) 496-7479
Research Topics/Keywords: Nano- and microstructures for biology and medicine; microfluidic devices; self-assembled structures
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering, Department of Defense (DoD)
Illinois Institute of Biomedical Science
REU Site: Summer Engineering Research Experiences in Diabetes for Undergraduates
Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science
Chicago, Illinois
Primary: Eric Brey
(312) 567-5098
Secondary: Vincent Turitto
(312) 567-3035
Research Topics/Keywords: Diabetes
Abstract of Award
Indianapolis, Indiana
Primary: Dr. Mangilal Agarwal
(317) 278-9792
Secondary: Dr. Yogesh Joglekar
(317) 274-6911
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanomaterials, Nanofabrication, Nanobiosensors, Li-ion Batteries, Fuel Cells, Micro/Nanofluidics, Paper-based Analytical Devices, Nanophotonics, Phase Change Magnetic Nanomaterials
Abstract of Award
Iowa State University
REU Site: Biological Materials and Processes (BioMaP)
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Ames, Iowa
Primary: Monica H. Lamm
(515) 294-6533
Research Topics/Keywords: chemical engineering, biological engineering, biomedical engineering, biological materials, biological processing, biochemical processing
Abstract of Award
Iowa State University
REU Site: A National REU Site in Wind Energy Science, Engineering and Policy
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Eng.
Ames, Iowa
Primary: John K. Jackman
(515) 294-0126
Secondary: David A Peterson
(979) 233-1268
Research Topics/Keywords: Wind Energy, Engineering, Science
Abstract of Award
Ames, Iowa
Primary: Ms. Hallie Golay
(515) 294-0838
Secondary: Sriram Sundararajan
Research Topics/Keywords: sensors, nanomaterials, advanced manufacturing, smart materials, renewable energy, reliability, machine learning, medical diagnostics, food security, engineering
Abstract of Award
Ames, Iowa
Primary: Dr. D. Raj Raman
(515) 294-0465
Secondary: CBiRC
Research Topics/Keywords: Biocatalysts, Biorenewables, Biorenewable Chemicals, Chemical Catalysts, Industrial Chemicals
Abstract of Award
Johns Hopkins University
REU Site: Program in Nanotechnology for Biology and Bioengineering
Institute for NanoBioTechnology
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Denis Wirtz
(410) 516-8094
Secondary: Hai-Quan Mao
(410) 516-8792
Research Topics/Keywords: nanobiotechnology, biotechnology, nanoparticles, nanotechnology, biology, biophysics, bioengineering, engineering, chemical engineering
Comments: Contact: Camille Bryant, (410) 516-6572
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Chemistry, Engineering
Baltimore, Maryland
Primary: Ralph Etienne-Cummings
(410) 516-3494
Secondary: Suchi Saria
(410) 516-8668
Research Topics/Keywords: Computational Sensing and Medical robotics (CS&MR)
Abstract of Award
Manhattan, Kansas
Primary: Keith Hohn
(785) 532-4315
Secondary: Larry E. Erickson
(785) 532-4313
Research Topics/Keywords: Engineering, Chemistry, Energy
Abstract of Award
Massachusetts General Hospital
REU Site: Wellman-HST Summer Institute for Biomedical Optics
Wellman Center for Photomedicine
Boston, Massachusetts
Primary: Seok(Andy) H Yun
(617) 768-8704
Research Topics/Keywords: Biophotonics, Biomedical engineering
Abstract of Award
Milwaukee School of Engineering
REU Site: in Additive Manufacturing- Advances and Applications
Applied Research Division
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Primary: Subha K Kumpaty
(414) 277-7466
Research Topics/Keywords: Interdisciplinary engineering, Micro-manufacturing
Abstract of Award
New Jersey Institute of Technology
REU Site: Optics and Photonics: Technologies, Systems, and Devices
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Newark, New Jersey
Primary: Abdallah Khreishah
(973) 596-3528
Secondary: Durga Misra
(973) 596-5739
Research Topics/Keywords: optics, photonics, optical communications, visible light communications, LEDs, optical coherence tomography, fiber optics for biomedical applications
Comments: Keywords (continued) optical image processing, nanostructures for optoelectronics
Abstract of Award
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Dr. Mehmet Ozturk
Secondary: Dr. Elena Veety
Research Topics/Keywords: Advanced Self-Powered, Integrated Sensors and Technologies
Abstract of Award
North Carolina State University
REU Site: Summer Internships in Composites for Extreme Performance
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Mark Pankow
(919) 515-2444
Research Topics/Keywords: Composites Materials Design, Testing, Sensing
Abstract of Award
North Carolina State University
REU Site: From the body to the grid: Joint ERC REU explores energy from nano-scale harvesting to smart grid technology
College of Engineering-Electrical and Computer Engineering
Raleigh, North Carolina
Primary: Dr. Pam Carpenter FREEDM Systems Center
(919) 513-8335
Secondary: Dr. Elena Veety ASSIST
(919) 513-0178
Research Topics/Keywords: nano-enabled, body powered, wearable health and environmental monitoring systems, body energy harvesters, sensors, electronics
Comments: Keywords (continued) smart grid, electric grid, renewable energy, power systems, power electronics
Abstract of Award
Evanston, Illinois
Primary: Margaret Connolly
(847) 467-4862
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanoscale Science and Engineering materials Science & Engineering, Chemical &biological engineering , mechanical engineering,Chemistry, physics, biochemistry, medicine, neurobiology, & physiology
Abstract of Award
Rochester, Michigan
Primary: Laila Guessous
(248) 370-2183
Secondary: Qian Zou
(248) 370-2271
Research Topics/Keywords: Automotive and Engery Tribology, Optical methods, Fuel Cells, Batteries, IC Engines, Heat Transfer
Abstract of Award
Oklahoma State University
REU Site: Research Experiences in information Centric Engineering (ICE)
Industrials Engineering
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Primary: J. Cecil
(405) 744-9131
Research Topics/Keywords: Industrial/Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Abstract of Award
Norfolk, Virginia
Primary: Dr. Xiaoyu Zhang
(757) 683-4913
Secondary: Dr. Sandeep Kumar
(757) 683-3898
Research Topics/Keywords: biofuel synthesis and upgrade, hydrogen production, catalyst development, fuel cell components and contamination, solar fuel production
Abstract of Award
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