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Digital Strategy at NSF


On May 23, 2012, President Obama released a Memorandum calling for all government agencies to "identify ways to use innovative technologies to streamline their delivery of services to lower costs, decrease service delivery times, and improve the customer experience." In response to this directive, the Federal CIO released a strategy entitled "Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People," which aims to deliver the general public and our government workforce access to government information and services on demand and on any device. The Digital Strategy focuses agency efforts in three broad areas: building information-centric systems and tools; utilizing shared platforms to improve information dissemination across government; and delivering customer-centric, highly effective services. Ultimately, the Digital Strategy aims to enable more efficient and coordinated delivery of digital information across the federal space.

The Digital Government Strategy has three main goals:

  • Enable the American people and an increasingly mobile workforce to access high-quality digital government information and services anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • Ensure that as the government adjusts to this new digital world, we seize the opportunity to procure and manage devices, applications, and data in smart, secure and affordable ways.
  • Unlock the power of government data to spur innovation across our Nation and improve the quality of services for the American people.

Digital Governance

The NSF Open Government Plan 4.0 describes NSF's plan for governing digital services, including websites and data.

NSF Data Center Optimization Initiative Strategic Plan

NSF's Data Center Optimization Initiative Strategic Plan provides information on the consolidation and optimization strategy for fiscal years 2016 through 2022 are available in JSON.

NSF FITARA Milestones

NSF provides information related to the annual self-assessment reviews and updates of the NSF FITARA Implementation Plan is available in JSON.

NSF IT Reform Cost Savings/Avoidance

NSF provides information regarding cost savings and/or avoidances realized from IT reforms is available in JSON.

NSF CIO 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (21st Century IDEA) Reporting

The NSF 21st Century IDEA Office of Management and Budget (OMB) report, per the requirement, is made available in HTML.

NSF IT Leadership Directory

NSF's IT Leadership Directory provides information on agency employees with the title of Chief Information Officer is available in HTML and JSON.

NSF CIO Governance Board Membership List

NSF's CIO Governance Board Membership List provides information on the NSF governance boards the Chief Information Officer is a member is available in HTML and ZIP.

NSF IPv6 Policy Memo

NSF policy pertaining to IPv6 implementation in accordance with OMB M-20-07 Completing the Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is available in PDF format.

NSF IT Policy Archive

NSF's IT Policy Archive provides information on the general IT policies at NSF is available in ZIP.

NSF Open Source Software

NSF provides information on its Analysis of Alternatives guidance is available in PDF.

NSF CIO DCOI Certification Memorandum

NSF's CIO Certification Statement provides information on the agency complying with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) M-16-19 memo and the data center requirements of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) is available in PDF.