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Chemistry Highlights

Each year NSF Program Directors are asked to provide descriptions of program accomplishments, or “Highlights”, on the results of NSF awards. Reporting these outcomes of the NSF Chemistry investment advance the Division’s mission by:

  • Communicating the value of chemistry research advances and innovations to the public and to Congress
  • Illustrating the NSF Chemistry portfolio to the public, industry, and government audiences
  • Justifying our future budget requests
  • Documenting outcomes of program investment, as required by the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).

We ask all current and recent awardees to consider submitting a Highlight to the Division. Your institution’s Public Information Office can help you generate text and graphics that are compelling for the audiences we describe above. Some general guidelines and best practices on creating Highlights are listed below.

  • Prepare the Highlight on the Chemistry Division Highlight Template.
  • The Highlight should feature an accomplishment or project outcome, not merely describe your award. The accomplishment can be a technical advance, but it could also focus on the technical, economic or societal broader impacts.
  • The Highlight should include a compelling graphic image(s). Select images that best represent or capture the essence of the project outcome reported for this Highlight. In general, graphs, spectra, and reaction diagrams are not compelling to the more general audiences targeted by the Highlights, so you might consider alternate images. Animations, audio and video clips are all welcome. We have provided space for an image caption and an image credit. Captions should clearly describe the image(s). Please be careful about copyrights and permissions.
  • The text (about 300 words) should be accessible to a general audience (limit jargon, please).
  • Complete the NSF Multimedia Permission & Use of Copyrighted Material Form. This can be electronically signed and returned with the Highlight.

The Highlight should be submitted using the Chemistry Highlight Template available at Highlight Template

The Multimedia Permission & Use of Copyrighted Material Form is available at http://www.nsf.gov/publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=nsf1515&org=NSF.

The completed Highlight Template and Multimedia Permission Form should be emailed to chemhighlights@nsf.gov. The Permission Form may also be faxed to 703-292-9037. Please title the "subject" line of your e-mail with the format “PI Last Name-Award #-Highlight”. Please contact your Program Director for additional information or guidance regarding Highlights.



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