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Materials Education Awards

DMR supports innovative experiments in materials-related education, which may include themes such as inquiry-based learning, integration of research and education, and early exposure to the workplace. Innovative education efforts in emerging interdisciplinary areas, including but not limited to the interface between the materials and biological sciences, materials design and simulation, computational materials, and complex materials are also supported. Proposals may address innovation in materials education at the graduate or undergraduate level, including (for example) curriculum development, teaching methods, and the integration of research and teaching. Proposals with an international component are also welcome. This is not a new program, and there is no specific announcement or call for proposals. Proposals with an emphasis on materials education are handled by existing programs in the Division, and are reviewed and co-reviewed among DMR and other NSF programs where appropriate, recognizing the collaborative, interdisciplinary aspects of such proposals. Proposals may be handled by disciplinary programs in DMR or by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers program.

Proposals should be submitted on or about the DMR target date of November 1. For information about how to submit a proposal, see the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG, NSF 04-23).

Abstracts of Materials Education Awards