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Abstract Thinking All students should have the opportunity to learn computer science (CS) in school. In our increasingly digital world, CS will prepare them with skills they can apply in almost every discipline and domain. NSF funds research and development that is building the necessary foundations for implementing rigorous and engaging computer science in schools across the U.S. This work leverages NSF-funded research on the teaching and learning of CS that generates evidence to support stronger K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education efforts. Much of the work on CS to date has focused at the high school level and also aims to engage all students - building on NSF-funded research on broadening participation to better understand and inform efforts to support students from underrepresented groups.


NSF Funding for CS Education

NSF is strongly committed to building the knowledge base - creating research and development - for CS education, and broadening participation among underrepresented students for years to come.

CS for All

NSF's efforts and the growing momentum for CS education and STEM education research broadly taking hold across the country have helped to pave the way for the CS for All Initiative.

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Examples of CS Resources for Teachers and Schools

NSF has funded a range of projects that research and develop resources to support the teaching and learning of CS in K-12 settings.
A few examples of these resources follow.


CS Courses and Instructional Materials

With NSF support, leading teachers and researchers across the U.S. have prototyped frameworks for teaching CS and CS instructional materials that are rigorous, engaging, and inspiring.

Exploring Computer Science (ECS)
An introductory CS course rooted in equity that is appropriate for all students
AP CS Principles (CSP)
An Advanced Placement® curricular framework that focuses on creative problem-solving and design in real-world applications of CS
The College Board plans to endorse at least five of the many different CSP courses that align to its framework:
Prototyped with NSF-funding:
The Beauty and Joy of Computing
Mobile CSP
Thriving in our Digital World
Developed by NSF partners:'s CSP

CS Embedded in STEM Instruction

There are a number of examples of NSF-funded education research that aim to embed CS more broadly in STEM education. Searching the NSF award database will direct you to the many projects funded with this emphasis.

Scalable Game Design
Reinventing CS in middle school
Computational Thinking in STEM
Bringing computational thinking-enhanced activities into STEM
More information:
The Community for Advancing Discovery Research in K-12
The STEM Learning and Research Center

Support for Schools and CS Teachers

New models of scalable and sustainable professional development (PD) have been developed and piloted with NSF funding. In addition, NSF-funded researchers and partners have created a number of resources available for CS educators.

The CS courses mentioned here all have corresponding PD
A toolkit for getting CS into schools near you
CS10K Community of Practice
An online CS10K portal connecting classroom CS teachers to their peers and resources
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NSF Partners for CS Education

NSF's CS education efforts have been leveraged by a number of partnering Federal agencies and private organizations that are working to bring CS education to schools across the country.

  • OSTP
  • Dept. of Ed
  • DOD
  • CNCS
  • Collegeboard
  • NMSI
  • PLTW
  • Teach for America
  • 100kin10

Disclaimer: The inclusion of a logo does not express or imply the endorsement by NSF of the entities' products, services, or enterprises.