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Note About Images

NSF uses images to illustrate many of the news, discoveries and other features presented on our website.


Some of the images are public domain, some are created by NSF contractors and some are used by NSF with specific permission granted by the owner. Therefore, photos and illustrations found on the NSF website should not be reused without permission. For more information, see the Copyright and Reuse of Graphics and Text section of NSF's Website Policies.


From the Document Pages

If there is only one image associated with the story, the image is featured on the document page above the story text.

If there is more than one image, the main image appears as the "featured" image above the story text and the other images are presented as a list of smaller images, or thumbnails, along the right side of the story.

The words "Credit and Larger Version" appear below the featured and thumbnail images. These are links to the "All Images" page for that document page.

On the All Images Pages

We include the following:

  • The feature size of the image

  • A longer caption for the image

  • The image credit identifying the owner of the image

When possible, NSF makes available a larger or high resolution version of the image. If an additional version is available, we include a link to download the file. We also tell you the file size.

The high resolution version could be a larger JPEG or GIF--file types that can be viewed in your web browser--or it could be a TIFF, EPS, or other file type that can be viewed only if you download the file and open it in an image editing software program.