NSF MULTIPLIER - MULTIPlying Impact Leveraging International Expertise in Research Missions


The MULTIPLIER program formalizes and expands the NSF commitment to international outreach


NSF MULTIPLIER will strategically explore and advance opportunities for leveraging international resources (i.e. funding programs, infrastructure, expertise and facilities). MULTIPLIER trips will present opportunities to assess international capabilities, opportunities, and challenges that align with the Foundation and U.S. research community priorities.


NSF is committed to international cooperation in science, engineering, and education research. NSF values international partnerships and recognizes the most challenging science and engineering research requires international collaboration. The changing nature of the global science and engineering landscape has led to new opportunities in all disciplines across the globe. To ensure the United States' science and engineering community is aware of, and has access to, the best minds and facilities, NSF is transitioning our international engagement to a new model that allows us to expand our outreach and cooperation worldwide.

This change in strategy means the transition of resources away from our three overseas offices to a more nimble, flexible approach. These offices have been integral to NSF's successful collaborations in the past. However, technology has changed the way we do business on a global basis. NSF leadership has made the decision to move to a new model which will modernize and broaden our international collaboration.


The MULTIPLIER program elevates NSF’s commitment to international scientific collaboration through a formalized process:

  • NSF identifies emerging scientific research areas worldwide through a collaborative survey approach. 
  • NSF subject matter experts and international specialists apply analytic approaches and diplomatic connections to leverage capabilities that may benefit the U.S.
  • NSF organizes short-term missions for information gathering, ground truthing and network building.
  • Participants prepare trip and meeting results for sharing. Analysis will focus on country- and discipline-specific insights, as well as information that can strengthen the MULTIPLIER approach. Reports and presentations will include concrete recommendations on next steps to move forward with potential collaboration.


Blog from the NSF Director on Multiplier

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