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NSB-05-40, Long-Lived Digital Data Collections Enabling Research and Education in the 21st Century

Front Cover

PDF Logo Entire PDF Document (873kb)


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Front Cover, Title Page, National Science Board Members, NSB Committee on Programs and Plans, Contents, and Acknowledgments (PDF, 397kb)

Executive Summary (PDF, 163kb)

Chapter One: Introduction (PDF, 234kb)

Chapter Two: The Elements of the Digital Data Collections Universe (PDF, 286kb)

Chapter Three: Roles and Responsibilities of Individuals and Institutions (PDF, 200kb)

Chapter Four: Perspectives on Digital Data Collections Policy
(PDF, 259kb)

Chapter Five: Findings and Recommendations (PDF, 176kb)


  1. Task Force Charter (PDF, 173kb)

  2. Sources of Additional Information (PDF, 222kb)

  3. Current Policies on Data Sharing and Archiving
    (PDF, 257kb)

  4. Digital Data Collections by Categories (PDF, 177kb)

  5. Process for Producing the Report (PDF, 178kb)

  6. Workshop Agenda, November 2003 (PDF, 148kb)

  7. Workshop Agenda, March 2004 (PDF, 172kb)

  8. Public Comments (PDF, 152kb)

Descriptive captions and credits for cover images, Obtaining a copy of the Report, and Back Cover (PDF, 332kb)