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NSB-05-77, Setting Priorities for Large Research Facility Projects Supported by the National Science Foundation

Front Cover

PDF Logo Entire PDF Document (1,167kb)

Front Cover, Title Page, National Science Board Members, NSB Committee on Programs and Plans, Contents, and Acknowledgments (PDF, 1,042kb)

Introduction (PDF, 206kb)

Appendix I: NSF Facility Plan and Process for Selection of MREFC Projects (PDF, 101kb)

Appendix II: Criteria for Developing Large Facilities Roadmaps and Budgets (PDF, 163kb)

Appendix III: National Science Board Criteria for Approving and Prioritizing Large Facility Projects (LFPs) (PDF, 163kb)

Appendix IV: Public Comments (PDF, 162kb)

Obtaining a copy of the Report and Back Cover (PDF, 940kb)




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