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Expedited Review of Social and Behavioral Research Activities

Front Cover

Front Matter (Cover Information, Title Page, About the National Science and Technology Council, About the Human Subjects Research Subcommittee, About this document, Copyright Information
(PDF, 12MB)

Executive Office of the President National Science and Technology Council (PDF, 134kb)

Introduction (PDF, 159kb)

Chapter One: What is “Expedited Review”? (PDF, 133kb)

Chapter Two: What is “Minimal Risk”? (PDF, 137kb)

Chapter Three: What Kinds of Social and Behavioral Research Activities are Eligible for Expedited Review? (PDF, 177kb)

Chapter Four: What Factors influence the Successful implementation of the Expedited Review Procedure? (PDF, 126kb)

Social and Behavioral Research Working group of the Human Subjects Research Subcommittee (PDF, 142kb)


PDF Logo Entire PDF Document (14 MB)

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