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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the NSF Division of Chemistry Program Realignment

  1. Where can I find information about the NSF Division of Chemistry (CHE) realignment?

Please see the Dear Colleague Letter available at NSF 09-048 and the brochure entitled “Realignment of the Division of Chemistry Programs” available at NSF 09-049.

  1. Will my current award be affected?

No, your program and Program Director will not change.  If you submit a renewal proposal, you should select the best-matched new program at that time.

  1. My proposal seems to overlap several of the new programs – where should I submit?

You should consider the principal intellectual focus of the proposal and select according to the decision tree available at  Please call a Program Director if you have further questions.

  1. I have an instrument development proposal – where should I submit?

You have the option of submitting to the instrument development part of the NSF-wide Major Research Instrumentation Program available at NSF 09-502.

You can also submit to the Measurement and Imaging Program, which follows the usual windows of submission for CHE:  the months of July and November.

With the CHE realignment, the current CHE CRIF-Instrument Development Program, available at NSF 04-534, will be modified.

Note that the CRIF-Multiuser Instrument Program, available at NSF 09-546, will remain unchanged.