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NSF Remote Access

To use any of these tools, you will need

  • A computer with a stable Internet connection
  • Your NSF User ID
  • Your password
  • Your SecurID token and PIN

What tool should I use?

  • Virtual Desktop

    Need to use multiple NSF applications and systems from a non-NSF computer?
    The NSF Virtual Desktop lets you work remotely from any Windows or Mac computer. It includes a virtual Windows 7 desktop that you can set up to match how you use Windows 7 on your NSF computer. It also includes access to Office 2013, other standard applications, NSF eBusiness applications, and internal resources such as Inside NSF, SharePoint sites, and your R: drive.

    NSF Virtual Desktop User Guide

  • Office 365

    Need quick access to your email, calendar, or contacts?
    Use Outlook Web Application (OWA) to read and send email or to access your calendar and contact list

    OWA light version (use for troubleshooting if instructed by IT Help Central)

  • Access NSF

    If you are required to use your Smart Card, you will not be able to connect to your desktop using the Access NSF remote desktop feature. Get started with Virtual Desktop, which allows you to access a desktop that resembles a Windows 7 environment, or make the switch to Seamless Mobile Computing.
    (If you are not yet required to use your Smart Card, and you still want to use the remote desktop feature of Access NSF, please note that you must use Internet Explorer and leave your NSF computer powered on).

    Access NSF Quick Reference Guide
    How to Use Remote Desktop


If you do not already have a Windows or Mac SMC laptop, visit the SMC page on Inside NSF or contact your IT Specialist or IT Help Central.

Need help?

Contact IT Help Central - 7 AM to 7 PM - Room 357S
703.292.HELP (x4357) or toll free: 800.711.8084 or