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NSF Remote Access


For individuals who participate in telework programs or need access to the NSF network while traveling, remote access provides the ability to access the NSF network. When working away from the NSF building, you may need to access NSF applications, systems, and internal resources such as InsideNSF, SharePoint sites, and WebTA. You should use your NSF Seamless Mobile Computer (SMC) whenever possible for IT security reasons. Your options, in order of agency preference, are:

  1. VPN on an NSF SMC
  2. VDI on non-NSF laptops or desktops
  3. Outlook Web Application


Remote Access Option


Approved Device Usage


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Internet access
  • Cisco AnyConnect software
    (The required software to connect to VPN is pre-installed on the device.)
  • PIV Card
  • PIV Card reader

A government furnished computer or contractor furnished computer with the NSF VPN Profile

All functionality of your office workstation

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) via Citrix

Any Citrix compatible device

Somewhat similar experience to your office workstation

Outlook Web Application (OWA)

Any device, personal or federal

Only (NSF) government email, your Outlook calendar, contacts, and OneDrive.



If you do not already have a Windows or Mac SMC laptop, visit the SMC page on InsideNSF or contact your IT Specialist or IT Service Desk.


Contact IT Help Central - 6 AM to 7 PM
703.292.HELP (x4357) or toll free: 800.711.8084 or