Figure O-8

S&E articles, by selected region, country, or economy: 2003–16

EU = European Union.


Article counts refer to publications from a selection of journals, books, and conference proceedings in S&E from Scopus. Articles are classified by their year of publication and are assigned to a region, country, or economy on the basis of the institutional address(es) listed in the article. Articles are credited on a fractional-count basis. The sum of the regions, countries, or economies may not add to the world total because of rounding. Some publications have incomplete address information for coauthored publications in the Scopus database. The unassigned category count is the sum of fractional counts for publications that cannot be assigned to a region, country, or economy. See Appendix Table 5-27.


National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics; SRI International; Science-Metrix; Elsevier, Scopus abstract and citation database (, accessed July 2017. For more information on the International Monetary Fund economic classification of countries, see, accessed December 2016.

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