Revised Merit Review Criteria Resources for the External Community

NOTICE: Effective January 14, 2013, the National Science Foundation will implement revised merit review criteria based on the National Science Board (NSB) report, National Science Foundation’s Merit Review Criteria: Review and Revisions. While the two merit review criteria remain unchanged (Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts), guidance has been provided to clarify and improve the function of the criteria. Revisions based on the NSB report have been incorporated into the Foundation’s policies and procedures manuals, websites, and systems. Proposers should familiarize themselves with the Merit Review Principles and Criteria described in GPG Chapter III.A.

The resources identified below are provided to allow the research and education communities to prepare proposals in accordance with the revised criteria.

The Policy Office in the Division of Institution & Award Support (DIAS) is currently developing a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We would appreciate your assistance in compiling this resource by sending your questions to