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Connect with NSF Engineering

The NSF Engineering Directorate has new funding opportunities, events and news about engineering research and education throughout the year. Below are some ways to connect with us and stay informed about funding opportunities.

Keep in touch

Sign up for NSF Update emails. Stay informed about funding opportunities, program webinars, and other news from NSF on the topics you choose.

Follow NSF. Social media share the latest discoveries and news from NSF.

Become a reviewer

Volunteer to be a reviewer. Proposal reviewers gain insights into what makes a good proposal to NSF and the NSF merit review criteria. Those who serve on a review panel can also network with other researchers in their field.

Explore funding opportunities

Find funding. NSF funding search allows you to use keywords and other parameters to find opportunities that might be a good fit -- reading the program description is the next important step.

Search NSF award abstracts. NSF award search can turn up related projects and which programs fund them.

See upcoming events. Program webinars and Q&A sessions are provided in advance of some funding opportunities.

Read NSF 101. NSF 101 answers common questions for applicants who are new to NSF. Learn about NSF funding opportunities for students, early-career researchers, and others.

Watch a recent presentations on NSF Engineering and other parts of NSF. Outreach presentations at conferences and universities highlight our priority areas and new opportunities.

Reach out to program directors

Find program descriptions and contacts. Contact Engineering program directors to determine if your research idea is a good fit. To get advice about program scope, email the relevant program contact a brief description of your project idea. Send a ~1-page summary of the idea including proposed research objectives, intellectual merit, and broader impacts.

Learn about proposal preparation and merit review

Learn about proposals to NSF. Proposal preparation guidance provides key information on how to prepare a proposal, how to submit a proposal, and how your proposal will be evaluated.

Read NSF 101. NSF 101 answers common questions for applicants who are new to NSF. Learn how to apply and how to communicate with NSF program directors.