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About the Directorate for Engineering (ENG)

Investments in engineering research and education are critical building blocks for the nation's future prosperity. Engineering breakthroughs address national challenges, such as smart manufacturing, resilient infrastructure and sustainable energy systems. Engineering also brings about new opportunities in areas ranging from advanced photonics to prosthetic devices.

Research funded by the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Directorate for Engineering (ENG) has enriched the understanding of natural systems, enhanced electronics, fortified the nation's infrastructure and introduced the exciting possibilities of engineering to the next generation.

Learn how the NSF Directorate for Engineering is Making Future Technologies Possible (2014, PDF, 1.0MB) and how engineers are Making Imagination Real (2004, PDF, 4.2MB).

ENG home page image credits
Cells Credit: Silvia Ferrari, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University
Multicolor lines Credit: NSF -
Manufacturing technologies Credit: Photo from ATE Centers Impact 2011 (
Semiconductor fabrication facility Credit: Photos from ATE Impacts 2022-2023
Future tech Credit: Clockwise from top left: ChooChin, ilkercelik, fotografixx, FatCamera, FG Trade (all via iStock)