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Engineering (ENG) Funding Rates

The most recent funding rates data for Engineering (ENG) appears below.

Sometimes referred to as "success rate", the proposal funding rate for a given period is calculated by dividing the number of new, competitively reviewed awards made in a fiscal year by the number of competitive awards and declines made in that fiscal year. The category of actions associated with "competitively reviewed proposals" excludes actions on preliminary proposals, contracts, IPA agreements, supplements, continuing grant increments, Graduate Research Fellowships, and similar categories. A proposal is included in a given year based on whether final decision was taken that year and not whether the proposal was received in that year.

Overall FY 2023 ENG funding rate: 24%
Division Funding Rate Actions Awards
CBET 28% 1635 460
CMMI 19% 2404 466
ECCS 27% 1103 297
EEC 27% 325 88
EFMA 20% 66 13