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CAMEO: Comparative Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Organization


CAMEO, or Comparative Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Organization, is one of the near-term priorities identified in the Ocean Research Priorities Plan prepared by the National Science and Technology Council’s Joint Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology .  The purpose of CAMEO is to strengthen the fundamental scientific basis for an ecosystem approach to the stewardship of our ocean and coastal living marine resources and ecosystems. The program will support research to understand complex dynamics controlling productivity, behavior, population connectivity, climate variability and anthropogenic pressures associated with living marine resources and critical habitats. CAMEO research will employ the use of a diverse array of ecosystem models, comparative analyses of managed and unmanaged areas, and ecosystem-scale mapping that can form a basis for future forecasting and decision support. Further information can be found on the CAMEO website:

The program will be implemented through a partnership between NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and NSF’s Division of Ocean Sciences. NOAA NMFS released the first call for proposals in March 2008. A total of up to $2 million from the agencies will be available for initial 1-2 year projects; all proposals should be submitted to the NOAA call using  This is the first of a series of CAMEO opportunities for research to be announced over the next several years.

Program Guidelines (funding number:  NMFS-FHQ-2008-2001345)
Federal register notice

Due Dates: June 17, 2008


David Garrison             (703) 292-8580
Cynthia Suchman       (703) 292-8580