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CHE Newsletters, Dear Colleague Letters, and Workshop Reports

Division Newsletters:

  • Spring 2016: DD Update, Highlights, Deadlines, Outreach
  • January 2016: DD Update, Staffing Announcement, Proposal Submission Deadlines, Outreach Updates, 2016 Chemistry Early Career Investigator Workshop, Chemistry's Administrative Team Outreach Presentations
  • September 2015: DD/DDD Updates, INFEWS, SusChEM, XSEDE, CDS&E, BRAIN, DMREF, Workshops, Outreach, Staffing Update
  • September 2014: DD/DDD Updates, PI/Program Spotlight, Food Systems, Social Media at NSF, Outreach, Workshops, Staffing Update
  • July 2013: DD Update, NSF at ACS, Sustainable Chemistry, Committee of Visitors, National Medal of Science Winners, Virtual Panels, Workshops, Staffing Update

Archived Newsletters

Dear Colleague Letters to the Community:

Archived Dear Colleague Letters

Workshop Reports:

Report Title File Size/Type
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FEWS: Food-Energy-Water Systems Challenging Chemists in the 21st Century, October 13-15, 2015
(1768 KB PDF File)
Feeding the World in the 21st Century: Grand Challenges in the Nitrogen Cycle, November 9–10, 2015
(8241 KB PDF File)
Chemistry and Engineering of Shale Gas and Tight Oil Resource Development: A Workshop for the Chemical Sciences Roundtable, March 18-19, 2015
(4104 KB PDF File)
Workshop on Excellence Empowered by a Diverse Academic Workforce, February 9, 2009
(670 KB PDF File)
Ultrahigh Field NMR and MRI: Science at a Crossroads, November 12-13, 2015
(870 KB PDF File)
Report on NSF FEW Workshop on Closing the Human Phosphorus Cycle, June 8-9, 2015
(2606 KB PDF File)
Partnerships: A Workshop on Collaborations between the NSF/MPS & Private Foundations May 28-29, 2015
(10494 KB PDF File)
Report on Mass Spectrometry Informatics Big Data to Knowledge May 11-12, 2015
(22706 KB PDF File)
Report on NSF FEW Workshop: Enabling Resiliency in Energy, Water and Food Systems for Society April 15-17, 2015
(1699 KB PDF File)
Report on NSF Data-Rich Organic Chemistry Workshop, September 11-12, 2014
(1462 KB PDF File)
Report on NSF SusChem Workshop and American Chemical Society Symposium, September 7-9, 2013
(456 KB PDF File)
S2I2: NSF Exploratory Workshop on Scientific Software Innovation Institutes: Atomistic Modeling and Simulation, September 2010
(112 KB PDF File)
The Value of Chemical Research Phase III: “Assessing and Enhancing the Impact of Science R&D in the United States: Chemical Sciences” (2010)
(908 KB PDF File)
Powering the World with Sunlight: A White Paper Describing the Discussions and Outcomes of the 1st Annual Chemical Sciences and Society Symposium (CS3), Kloster Seeon, Germany, July 23-25, 2009
(272 KB PDF File)
Sci-Art Workshop: Chemistry and Materials Research at the Interface Between Science and Art, July 6-7, 2009
(17.8 MB PDF File)
Workshop on Some Current Issues in Environmental Chemical Sciences, June 8-9, 2009
(HTML File)
Intellectual Property Issues Affecting Industry-University Partnerships (Workshop report (4/3/08)
(477 KB PDF File)
Cyber-enabled Instruments Workshop, July 16-18, 2008
(HTML File)
Reversing Global Warming: Chemical Recycling and Utilization of CO2, July 9-10, 2008
(1.92 MB PDF File)

Workshop on Excellence Empowered by a Diverse Academic Workforce: Achieving Racial & Ethnic Equity in Chemistry, September, 2007

(1.13 MB, PDF File)

Building Electronic Function into Nanoscale Molecular Architectures, June, 2007

(2.74 MB, PDF File)

Sustaining America's Competitive Edge: Enhancing Innovation and Competitiveness Through Investments in Fundamental Research, December, 2006

(4.12 MB, PDF File)

Workshop on Chemistry and Sustainability: Chemistry for a Sustainable Future, May 2006

(HTML File)

Building Strong Academic Chemistry Departments through Gender Equity, January 2006

(1.36 MB, PDF File)

Workshop on Chemistry and Sustainability: Young Investigators, November 2005

(HTML File)
The Value of Chemical Research Phase II: “Measure for Measure: Chemical R&D Powers the U.S. Innovation Engine” (2005)
(1.99 MB PDF File)

Neuroscience Steering Group Report: Brain Science as a Mutual Opportunity for the Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science, and Engineering

(570 KB, PDF File)

Conference on Research at the Interface of the Life and Physical Sciences: Bridging the Sciences

(3.6 MB, PDF File)

CHE Cyber Chemistry Workshop

(HTML File)

Molecular Basis of Life Processes (MBLP):ACS

(HTML File)

Molecular Basis of Life Processes (MBLP):Young Investigators

(182 KB, PDF File)

Prospects for Miniaturization of Mass Spectrometry

(HTML File)

DOE-NSF-NIH Workshop on Opportunities in THz Science

(10 MB, PDF File)

Neutron Scattering for Chemistry and the Chem/Bio Interface

(450 KB, PDF File)

Approaches to Combat Terrorism: Opportunities for Basic Research

(3.27 MB, PDF File)

Chemical Bonding Centers

(372 KB, PDF File)
The Value of Chemical Research Phase I: “Measuring Up: Research & Development Counts for the Chemical Industry” (2001)
(1.25 MB PDF File)


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