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We have archived the special report, "Understading the Brain," and this information may be outdated. See all upcoming NSF events.

NSF welcomes input from the scientific and engineering community on priority research areas and supports planning and prioritization workshops across various disciplines and thematic areas.

Past Workshops

NeuroNex Webinar, Friday, April 5, 2019, 11-noon EDT
NSF will hold a webinar to assist researchers interested in submitting proposals to the most recent NeuroNex solicitation. Please join the webinar being held Friday, April 5, 11-noon EDT to answer any remaining questions beyond the information provided in the solicitation.
Webinar Register/Join Details:
Event Number: 902 825 912
Event Password: NeuroNex19!
Participant passcodes: 7211273 (For security reasons, the passcode will be required to join the conference.)
For audio: USA/Canada dial Toll-free 1-877-951-7311 or Toll: 1-203-607-0666 and enter passcode: 7211273. 
If joining from an international location, refer below and dial the appropriate number for your country.
Captions: View real-time captions at: by clicking "Join Now" and entering event ID #3993942.
Questions:  Submit questions via WebEx Q&A for response during the live webinar.

International dial in numbers:
CANADA toll free: 866-845-8494
GERMANY  toll: 49-69-2222-4865, toll free: 0800-800-1421
UNITED KINGDOM, BIRMINGHAM toll: 44-121-210-9183, toll free: 0808-238-9817
UNITED KINGDOM, GLASGOW toll: 44-141-202-0813, toll free: 0808-238-9817
UNITED KINGDOM, LEEDS toll: 44-113-301-0013, toll free: 0808-238-9817
UNITED KINGDOM, LONDON toll: 44-20-7950-1322, toll free: 0808-238-9817
UNITED KINGDOM, MANCHESTER toll: 44-161-601-0113, toll free: 0808-238-9817
USA toll: 1-203-607-0666, toll free: 877-951-7311
Restrictions may exist when accessing freephone/toll free numbers using a mobile telephone.

Fourth Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting, April 9-11, 2018

Workshop on Comparative Principles of Brain Architecture and Functions, Nov. 17-18, 2016

BRAIN Initiative "TAD Talks:" Technology Accelerating Discovery, Nov. 14, 2016

Global Brain Workshop, April 2016

Cracking the Olfactory Code: NSF Ideas Lab, June 2015

Neuromodulation Symposium, April 2015

International Workshop on Clinical Brain Neural-Machine Interface Systems, March 2015

Workshop on the Research Interfaces between Brain Science and Computer Science,
December 2014 (live stream recorded and available; workshop report "A new age of computing and the brain" now online).

iNeuro Project Conference, November 2014

IEEE EMBS BRAIN Grand Challenges Conference, November 2014

New Perspectives on Neurotechnology and Neuroengineering, November 2014

Noninvasive Brain Imaging, July, 2014

Physical and Mathematical Principles of Brain Structure and Function, May 2013

Linking Language and Cognition to Neuroscience via Computation, May 2013

Integrating Approaches to Computational Cognition, May 2013

Integrating Approaches to Computational Cognition -- Supplementary Material: Examples of Existing Work Bridging Cognitive Science and Machine Learning

Grand Challenges in Mapping and Engineering the Brain, August 2013

Phylogenetic Principles of Brain Structure and Function: Brain Maps Across Phylogeny, October 2013

Quantitative Theories of Learning, Memory and Prediction Workshop, May 2014

Physical, Engineering and Biological Limits to Brain Measurement, May 2014

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations presented in this material are only those of the presenter grantee/researcher, author, or agency employee; and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.