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NSF Records Management Program

The Records Management Section is organizationally situated within the Office of Information & Resource Management, Division of Administrative Services, Information Dissemination Branch. In support of the mission to oversee the management of NSF official records, program products and services include NSF Bulletins (policy) and guidance, training, records management program operations, Controlled Unclassified Information, and Essential Records program management.


NSF Records Retention Schedule

NSF records retention schedules are the cornerstone of our records management program. The records retention schedule is a policy document that defines the Foundation's legal and compliance recordkeeping requirements. NSF has implemented a records retention schedule in order to ensure that our records are kept as long as legally and operationally required and that obsolete records are disposed of in a systematic and controlled manner. The NSF records retention schedule ensures that staff adhere to approved recordkeeping requirements, and that they do so consistently.


Inaugural Records and Information Management Awareness Week

In September 2021, NSF presented the inaugural Records and Information Management (RIM) Awareness Week event! It was a fully virtual event highlighting Records and Information Management. It featured exciting topics in the RIM field that impacts each of us across many professions. The theme for the event was: The Changing Landscape of Records Management– governance, risk management, and information access. The program featured eight sessions that focused on a specific element of this theme.

For access to the RIM Awareness Week archives below, please contact us at

  • Transition to Electronic Records
  • A Proven Approach to Records Governance & Accessibility
  • Website Records Governance & Operationalization
  • and NSF Web Records Management
  • Welcoming Remarks, Data and Records & Information Governance
  • Cognitive Technologies & Records Management Implications
  • Embracing Risk Management as Part of a Records Management Program Implementation
  • CUI Marking Tool Information Session, and Closing Remarks