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1st place ribbon

1st PLACE!

comic illustration of Heliora


St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland

For a brighter future!
The story of Heliora as she uses her solar suit and nanotechnology to protect Brightfield City from the wrath of Dr. Blackburn!

Heliora’s claim to fame is her versatile solar-powered suit, complete with an efficient battery and a stunning pair of wings made possible by solar nanotechnology. Her mission is to maintain and protect her city’s power, battling Dr. Blackburn as he threatens to strip the city of its newly-installed renewable energy grid.

end place ribbon

2nd PLACE!

comic illustration of Hemea

Anna & Emily

Clarke County High School in Berryville, Virginia

Isn't that sweet?
As Heather Kogane (Hemea) is working in the lab one night, she dreams of a way to prevent type one diabetes.

Hemea and her sister have type 1 diabetes, and she saw its effect on her and her sister’s lifestyle from a young age. She wanted to find a cure for the disease so that no child would have to carry around insulin, needles, a blood glucose meter, or a logbook ever again. Hemea became a biochemical researcher in order to reach this mission, and she’s devoted her entire career to her mission. A glucose-full villain, Glycosa, haunts her dreams, reminding her everyday that her task is nearly impossible. Hemea uses nanoparticles combined with antagomirs to prevent the immune system from attacking the pancreas, ultimately defeating Glycosa and preventing type 1 diabetes.


comic illustration of Vilmaris


Jericho High School in Jericho, New York

Using nanoparticles to clean our waters in a big way.
Vilmaris is able to clear pollutants from water using her special ability that allows her to inject nanoparticles into any waters. When the villain, Sordes, pollutes a local lake, Vilmaris quickly arrives on the scene to stop Sordes from dirtying the water. Once she puts her hand in the lake, nano zero valent iron particles (nZVIs) are released. The nZVIs work by degrading the components of the pollution that had been spread by Sordes. The nZVIs are able to clear the water on their own once they have been emitted by Vilmaris. In order to finally defeat Sordes, Vilmaris puts her hand in his core and releases nZVIs directly in his core. The nZVIs spread throughout his figure and quickly destroy him. Vilmaris will continue to utilize her special nanoparticles to protect even more waters around the world.

comic illustration of Dr. A

Aisha, Saisanjana & Vidhya

East Brunswick High School in East Brunswick, New Jersey

The Doctor you'll Remember.
Superhero, inspired by the death of her grandmother from Alzheimer’s, has found cure that uses nanobots to deliver medicine and disassemble plaques and tangles. She is always willing to help a person in need with her gadgets and nanobots.


comic illustration of Dr. A

Aisha | Saisanjana | Vidhya, NJ

Dr. A | The doctor you'll remember

comic illustration of Infiltrator

Akhil, CA

The Infiltrator | Call in the cavalry!

comic illustration of Optimis

Alisha, VA

Optimis | I'll make the most of it.

comic illustration of Hemea

Anna | Emily, VA

Hemea | Isn't that sweet?

comic illustration of Camo Chroma

Arri, HI

CamoChroma | Can you see me now?

comic illustration of EC Man

Caroline, NY

ECMan | 'Let's regenerate the hero in all of us!'

comic illustration of Electra Ink

Catherine, CA

Electra Ink | Let's get electrified!

comic illustration of Nano Nana

Collen | Abby | Liam, NJ

NanoNana | Bingo!

comic illustration of Azurite

Donna | Thien-Phuong | Theresa Tran, CA

Azurite | Feel glue-my? Stick together

comic illustration of Auxilian

Eric | Anoushka | Cynthia, NJ

Auxilian | The real hero is the one who can save more lives.

comic illustration of Heliora

Joy, MD

Heliora | For a brighter future!

comic illustration of Luci

Keertti | Steven, NY

Luci | “Let's light the night!”

comic illustration of The Cell Whisperer

Marian | Clara | Anthony, NJ

The Cell Whisperer | Sanelle by day, Cell Whisperer by night

comic illustration of Vilmaris

Nicole, NY

Vilmaris | Using nanoparticles to clean our waters in a big way

comic illustration of Magnefic

Paige, NJ

Magnefic | Fighting wrong: that’s the path I’ve chosen.

comic illustration of HOC

Rowan, NM

Captain HOC | Photosynthetic Crusader

Generation Nano Competition
National Science Foundation
2415 Eisenhower Ave
Alexandria, VA 22314

Follow the competition #GenNano

Who: 6-12 grade -- individuals or teams of 2-3

What: A short comic OR video to tell a story and describe how your hero uses science on their mission or quest

When: Enter between Sept. 18, 2017-Jan. 10, 2018, 11:59 p.m. EST

Where: Learn more and enter at

Why: To promote an early interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Questions? Contact the Generation Nano Team at

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