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The Vizzies


2003 Winners

Full story in Science magazine.


First Place

Mongolian Frost Rings
D. Breger, LDEO; sample courtesy of G. Jacoby

Second Place

Black Sea Pyrite
D. Breger, LDEO; sample courtesy of W. Pitman, W. Ryan and C. Major

Honorable Mention

Buckling Nanotube
M. Stadermann, UNC


First Place

Innolab 3D File Manager
A. Miezianko, K. Rambish, K. Fung, Z. Pingkan

Second Place

Macrophage and Bacterium
D. Goodsell, Scripps Research Institute

Honorable Mention


Cytokines in Hematopoiesis and Development
D. Orlando, G. Hickey, R. Nistler; R&D Systems Inc.


First Place

interior of ear

Auditory Transduction
B. Pletsch, iMed Studios

Second Place

Orion Nebula in Three Dimensions
D. Nadeau, J. Genetti, C. Emmart, E. Wesselak, SDSC/AMNH

Third Place

Milankovitch Cycles
D. Tasa, F. Pazzaglia, Tasa Graphic Arts/Lehigh University

Honorable Mention

Creation of Earth
American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

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