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The Vizzies


Entry Requirements

Entry Descriptions   |   Category / Media Types

For a full copy of the Rules, Eligibility Criteria, Judging Criteria, and Entry Requirements, please see the Participants’ Guide

Submissions will include a visual entry as well as a written description of their visualization. No scientific qualifications are required to enter the Vizzies Challenge, but there is an expectation that the entry will visually represent science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and that the accompanying descriptions will explain and elaborate on the STEM principles of the visual representation.

Each submission will be asked to indicate which category/media type best describes their entry, and to indicate "other" if none of those below is appropriate.

All entries will be judged together regardless of "category" or media type. All entries (including video entries and interactive entries) must also include a 800 x 800 pixel thumbnail of the visualization.

Written Entry Descriptions

Written portions of an entry should be clear, concise and written in plain language. Judges will read all parts of the written entry descriptions and will judge entries on effective communication in addition to their visual merit. Please avoid including self-identifying data in the descriptions if possible.


In this section, you should describe your entry in 500 characters or less. This description should include the scientific principles or impacts behind your entry, the subject matter of your entry, and any other pertinent information the judges may require to evaluate your entry. Please do not use jargon and make sure to spell out any acronyms.

Intended Audience

In this section, please indicate the audience for whom your entry was created in 150 characters or less (e.g., this is meant to be viewed by field experts, the general public or K-12 students, etc.).

Purpose/Intended Use of Your Entry

In this section, please indicate the use of your entry (e.g., as an aid in a classroom, as part of a museum exhibit, as part of a scientific paper, etc.) in 200 characters or less.

Suggested Caption

This is the caption that will be published alongside the winning visualizations (including Peoples' Choice). This caption should be short, concise and written in plain language that is easily understood by the general public. The necessary information should be conveyed in 500 characters or less.

Category / Media Types

When submitting your entry, you will be required to choose the media type that most accurately describes your submission. An "other" category is available if you feel your submission does not fit into any of the categories below. Regardless of media type, all submissions will be judged together. For examples of the different media types, please see previous Vizzies winners.


Digital or film photographs including but not limited to images taken from sensors, microscopes, telescopes and similar instruments. Photographs submitted to the competition may not exceed 50 MB and should not contain text or logos.


Hand-designed or computer-assisted illustrations and drawings/paintings that conceptualize the unseen or recreate an object, process or phenomenon without using text. Illustrations submitted to the competition may not exceed 50 MB.

Posters & Graphics

Hand-designed or computer-assisted illustrations, drawings, infographics, data visualizations or photographs that conceptualize the unseen or recreate an object, process or phenomenon, and include text. Posters and graphics submitted to the competition may not exceed 50 MB.


Games, web applications, interactive visualizations, 360° videos and smartphone or tablet apps that require user input are considered interactive. Entries must be self-guiding or include rules that explain the purpose, challenge or goal of the interactive. Interactives should be free of charge and compatible with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, or, for smartphone and tablet apps, both iOS and Android platforms. Entrants must provide any needed passwords required for access. Interactives will be evaluated based on the first five minutes of use.


Videos constructed from photographs, illustrations, or graphics, film, or digital visualizations depicting an object, process, phenomenon or the natural world. Accepted video formats are MP4 and MOV. Videos will ONLY be evaluated based on the first five minutes of running time, regardless of the length of the entry. We recommend that if your video is longer than five minutes, a five-minute cut-down of the video with the five minutes of film that best represent your project be submitted rather than the long-form entry.


Soundless, looped videos constructed from photographs, illustrations, graphics, film or digital visualizations used to depict an object, process, phenomenon or the natural world. Please submit both the .gif file as well as the movie version of the file. These loops should not be longer than 20 seconds maximum.


Please choose this option if none of the previous formats describe your entry.