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Polar STEAM: A New Initiative

NSF's Office of Polar Programs (OPP) in the Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) and the Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) have awarded Oregon State University (OSU) a five-year Cooperative Agreement to be the Facilitator for the Polar Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (Polar STEAM) initiative (NSF Award #2221990), which includes management of the Antarctic Artists and Writer's (AA&W) program.

Polar STEAM is a new initiative that encompasses and enriches two longstanding efforts:

  • Support for writing and artistic projects specifically designed to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the Antarctic and the human endeavors on the southernmost continent, known as the Antarctic Artists and Writers (AAW) program.
  • Support for educators, both formal and informal, to travel to the Antarctic and Arctic to work collaboratively with researchers, referred to as the Polar Educators program.

For decades, these efforts have provided unique professional development opportunities that have benefited not only the individual artists, writers, and educators, but also the diverse communities they serve.

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Note: proposal numbers are available only for projects after 2004.

Additional information about past participants and their work can also be found at the Antarctic Artists and Writers Collective (AAWC) website.


Anne Aghion, Filmmaker, 2006.
"Ice People" - a film for a broad general audience released in late 2008. Available on DVD and at film festivals in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Website:
Award #: 0537954

Sarah Airriess, Graphic Novelist, 2019
The Worst Journey in the World - Graphic Novel
Award #: 1839483

Lita Albuquerque, Artist, 2006.
Created and documented a temporary installation called Stellar Axis: Antarctica on the McMurdo-area sea ice. Related projects include photographic exhibits, a web site, public lectures, and academic courses relating antarctic science and art.
Award #: 0537948

Nena Allen, Painter, 1991.
Shows at galleries in southeastern United States.

Anil Ananthaswamy, Science writer, 2007.
To the Edge of Reason: Pilgrimages to the Holy Sites of Cosmology - will tell the story of cutting-edge cosmology in a unique and innovative way.
Award #: 0637460

Todd Anderson; Co-Principal Investigator: Ian van Coller, Artists 2019
Ice Core Time Capsules: The Art and Science of US Antarctic Glacier Research
Award #: 1745429

Sarah Andrews, Writer, 2005.
In Cold Pursuit - Forensic geology mystery novel, (published in 2007). Website:
Award #: 0440665

Jennifer Armstrong, Writer, 2003.
Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World: The Extraordinary True Story of Shackleton and the Endurance. Spirit of Endurance (Illustrated by William Maugham).Ice through the ages (nonfiction book for young adults).

Elizabeth Arthur, Writer, 1990.
Antarctic Navigation - Novel (Knopf, 1995).


Morton Beebe, Filmmaker, 2010
Return to Antarctica
Award #: 0840070

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Photographer, 2004.
Earth from Above - book and exhibits around the world (including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York). Photos will also be incorporated into the Altitude Photographic Library, one of the world's largest collections of aerial photographs and will be part of a book. European magazines such as Stern, Paris Match, and El Pais have expressed interested in using them to accompany reports on the region. The photos are accompanied with texts written by environmental scientists. Website:

Kimberly A. Baranowski, Sculpture and installation artist, 2007.
Traveled to Palmer Station to gather research for her project, The Frozen Field, which will be comprised of a series of antarctic-inspired, large sculptural installations designed to instill a sense of wonder at the beauty of the region, while bringing to light the potential for instability in the Antarctic Peninsula ecosystem.
Award #: 0637459

James H. Barker, Ethnographer-photographer, 1996.
Photographic documentation of the people of Antarctica.

Michael Bartalos, Graphic artist, 2008.
His project, The Art of Recycling in Antarctica: The Long View, will create a sculptural "book" about the U.S. Antarctic Program's recycling efforts, using discarded materials he collected during his trip. (Read more about the artist in "The long view Bartalos recycles Antarctic rubbish into artwork about conservation" in the U.S. Antarctic Program's e-magazine the Antarctic Sun.)
Award #: 0739945

Yvonne Baskin, Science writer, 2003.
A book for the general reader about soil diversity.

Arthur Beaumont, Painter, 1958.
Paintings of military, historical, and other subjects.

Kenneth Bertrand, Historian, 1961.
Book: Americans in Antarctica, 1775-1948 (554p., American Geographical Society, 1971). The definitive history of U.S. involvement in the Antarctic.

Lisa Blatt, Photographer, 2008.
The artist will use a minimalist, non-traditional style of photography and video to draw the viewer into Antarctica's aesthetic beauty and use that as an ecological and scientific resource to educate viewers about the larger issues of Antarctica.
Award #: 0735138

Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Writer, 1999, 2003.
Children's novel and nonfiction for children and adults. Literary essays.


Alan Campbell, Painter, 1988, 1989, 1993, 2005.
Watercolors and drawings displayed at shows and galleries in New Zealand, Chile, and the United States. Exhibition catalog. For the 2005 trip, his son Collin Campbell (also a painter) accompanied him as part of Campbell's field party.
Award #: 0440702

Kirsten Carlson; Co-Principal Investigator: Michelle Schwengel-Regala, Artists, 2017
Under the Ice: Two Artists Collaborate to Connect Audiences with Antarctic Sea Life and Science
Award #: 1745408

Michael W. Carroll, Author, Artist, 2016.
"Alien Landscapes".
Antarctica Earth's Own Ice World by Michael Carroll and Rosaly Lopes (2018)
Award #: 1444657

Christopher Cokino, Writer, 2003.
The Fallen Sky: Eccentrics and Scientists in Pursuit of Shooting Stars (book about meteorites).

Katharine Coles, Writer, 2012.
Antarctica: Micro, Macro and In-between: A series of Triptych
Award #: 084002: Natural Curiosities: Poems of Exploration, Antarctica.

Allyson Comstock, Artist, 2012.
Images that examine research at three different spatial scales.
Award #: 1158882

Lawrence J. Conrad and Ann Parks Hawthorne, Toponymist and photographer, 2003.
Field Guide to Antarctic Features: McMurdo Sound Region (illustrated gazetteer).

Xavier Cortada, Painter, 2006.
ANTARCTICArt Message Mural: a three-part series of site-specific work. After returning to Miami, the artist will create from the materials developed in Antarctica an exhibit that will travel throughout America and perhaps the world and will work with cultural organizations and museums as part of the traveling tour.
Award #: 0538105

Neelon Crawford, Photographer, 1989, 1991,1992, 1993, 1994.
Exhibitions at galleries. Exhibition catalogs. Southern Lights Portfolio (photogravures etchings).

Leland Curtis, Artist, 1957.


Lucia deLeiris, Painter, 1985, 1995.
Book (with author Sanford Moss): Natural History of the Antarctic Peninsula (Columbia University Press, 1988); watercolors and drawings shown at museums and galleries. Book (with David Ainley): The Adelie Penguin: Bellwether of Climate Change (Out of print). Books (with Meredith Hooper): Antarctic Journal—the Hidden Worlds of Antarctica's Animals (National Geographic and Frances Lincoln, 2000) and The Island that Moved (Viking Juvenile, May 2004).

Jennifer Dewey, Painter, writer, 1985.
Drawings and two illustrated children's books (The Adélie Penguin and The Wandering Albatross, Little, Brown, 1989) in her Birds of Antarctica series.


Elise Engler, Artist, 2010.
Unpacking Antarctica: Multimedia work detailing the material supported needed to perform Antarctic research.
Award #: 0840003


Donald Finkel, Poet, 1968.
Book-length poems: Adequate Earth (Atheneum, 1972), Endurance (Atheneum, 1978). Poet Emeritus, Washington University.

Jody Forster, Photographer, 1992, 1995.
Exhibitions in galleries in the American Southwest and elsewhere.

Donald Fortescue, Artist, 2016.
"Artistic and Scientific Fieldwork at the South Pole: Inquiry at the Edge of Possibility".
Award #: 1445057

William L. Fox, Writer, 2001.
Envisioning Antarctica: history and nature of antarctic images. Book, Terra Antarctica: Looking into the emptiest continent (Trinity University Press, 2005).


Elena Glasberg, Humanities scholar, 2004.
End as beginning: an American antarctic imaginary (book). The Last Place on Earth, manuscript in development.

Helen Glazer, Artist, 2015.
Above, Below and Within the Ice: A series of sculptures that will document the interaction between ice and the Antarctic landscape.
Award #: 1444831

James Gorman, Writer, 1991.
Book, Ocean Enough and Time: Travels in the Southern Ocean (Harper Collins, 1995).

Mariana Gosnell, Writer, 1992.
Ice: The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance, published by Random House, Inc., in 2005.

Stanley Greenberg, Photographer, 2012.
Photographs of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory: Documentation of the final assembly of the large-scale experiment prior to the final component being encased in ice as designed.
Award #: 0840007

Jessica Grindstaff, Artist, 2010.
The Shackleton Project: Marionettes used in production that ties modern-day scientific exploration to the "Heroic Era."
Award #: 0840155


Louis J. Halle, Writer, 1969.
Book: The Sea and the Ice, a Naturalist in Antarctica (286p., Houghton Mifflin, 1973; Cornell University Press, 1989).

Ann Parks Hawthorne, Photographer, 1990, 1994, 1996, 2005.
Numerous photo credits in domestic and international books and magazines. Represented by Black Star (New York) and C&B Alexander (England).

Kathleen Heideman, Poet, 2005.
The Scientific Method: Poems of Antarctic Inquiry & Research in preparation.
Award #: 0440619

Judit Hersko, Installation artist, 2008.
Her project, "Shifting Baselines ANtarctica" is part of the "Art and Science" project that she initiated at California State University, San Marcos, and will bring the antarctic experience to viewwers through multimmedia installations, artist books, digital and web projects, articles, and presentations, as well as through univeristy and K-12 education.
Award #: 0739888

Werner Herzog, Filmmaker, 2006.
Antarctica: the Inner Landscape, a documentary film based on the artist's perception that the continent's volcanic activity, geological history, evolution and survival of life, represents the inner landscape of our planet. The project will culminate in a feature length film with support from Creative Differences Productions, and the Discovery Channel and will also be distributed on DVD.
Award #: 0538072

Meredith Hooper, Writer.
The Ferocious Summer: Adelie Penguins and the Warming of Antarctica is Hooper's firsthand account of the effects of climate change on Antarctica. For one summer, Hooper lived and worked with scientists observing the summer population of Adélie penguins nesting at Palmer Station. Ferocious Summer was first published by Profile Books (August 2007) in Great Britain and has since been printed by Canadian publisher, Greystone Books (April 2008) for distribution to North American readers. In September 2008, the book won the prestigous Australian Nettie Palmer Award for Non-fiction.

Charles Hood, Author, 2011.
"Flying to Pellucidar: Antarctic Aviation": a one-volume history of Antarctic aviation in support of science.
Award #: 0840109

Meredith Hooper (writer) and Lucia deLeiris (illustrator), 1999.
Books (with Lucia deLeiris): Antarctic Journal—the Hidden Worlds of Antarctica's Animals (National Geographic and Frances Lincoln, 2000) and The Island that Moved (Viking Juvenile, May 2004).

Meredith Hooper (writer) and William R. Fraser (ornithologist), 2001.
A book about the doing of antarctic science.

I - K

Rebecca Johnson, Writer, 1991, 1994, 1997.
Books for young adults: Investigating the Ozone Hole (Lerner, 1993), Science on the Ice: an Antarctic Journal (Lerner, 1995), and Women Working in Antarctica (Lerner, 1997); book on polar paleontology (forthcoming).

Henry Kaiser, Musician, 2001, 2005.
Solo acoustic guitar CD about Antarctica. Web site:
Award #: 0439708

Chris Kannen, Painter, 2007.
Observations, sketches, and paintings while based at Lake Hoare Camp in Taylor Valley. The research infrastructure in this location provides an opportunity for the artist to observe a dramatic combination of fierceness and fragility.
Award #: 0638404

Kathleen Keeley, Writer (Young Adult Fiction), 2007.
Molly Finn and the Southern Ocean, the fourth book in the series of Molly Finn novels, for young people, ages 10-13. Readers share the experiences of a young girl struggling with the typical (and some not-so-typical) experiences common to the preteen years. Web site:
Award #: 0637271

Scott Kelley, Watercolorist, 2003.
Paintings. Web site:

Stuart Klipper, Photographer, 1989, 1992, 1994, 1999.
Major exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, University of Iowa Museum of Art, Art institute of Chicago; included in these museums' collections. Forthcoming book (John Hopkins University Press). Twice awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.


Daniel Lang, Painter. 1975. Paintings at galleries and museums in USA and Europe. Traveling exhibition.

Edward J. Larson, Historian of science, 2003.
Book-length history of antarctic science.

Gretchen Legler, Writer, 1997.
On the Ice: An Intimate Portrait of Life at McMurdo Station, Antarctica (A book of literary essays) (Milkweed Editions, Minneapolis, 2005). Web site:

Cheryl Leonard, Musician and composer, 2008.
During her trip to Antarctica, she collected natural materials and sounds to develope a series of musical compositions based on the forces that shape environments and ecosystems in the Antarctic Peninsula region. For stories, sounds, and photos from her trip, visit
Award #: 0739804

Vincent LiCata, Artist, 2015.
Persistence of Vision: Antarctica: A multimedia exhibit that ties together images from the "Heroic Age of Exploration" at the turn of the 20th century and their modern equivalents.
Award #: 1344440

Chris Linder, Photographer, 2010.
Raptor of the South: Volume of photographs on the Skua.
Award #: 0839980

Barry Lopez, Writer, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 2019.
Articles for Harper's (May 1989, p.43-49, "Our frail planet in cold, clear view: the South Pole as global laboratory"), Washington Post Outlook, and Orion (Winter 1994, p. 48-65, "Offshore: A Journey to the Weddell Sea"), Horizon, 2019.


John Major, co-Principal Investigator, Frida Waara, Videographers, 2010
Condition One: A Film about Extremes and the Human Spirit
Award #: 0839982

Sandra Markle, Writer, 1996, 1998.
Children's book, Pioneering Frozen Worlds (Atheneum, 1996). Super Cool Science. South Pole Stations Past, Present, and Future (Walker and Company, 1997), Growing Up Wild: Penguins (Atheneum, 2000). Educational material on Internet, On-Line Expeditions: Antarctica (1996) and Antarctic Journals (1998). Numerous school and conference presentations.

Bob Marstall, Artist, 2002.
Book (with Laurence Pringle, writer) for young readers about the Weddell seal. Web site:

Susan McCarthy, Author, 2015.
Observing the Snowy Sheathbill and Its Behavior: A children's book designed to draw young people into an understanding of Antarctic ecosystems by focusing on a particular and lesser know creature, whose habits youngsters are likely to find of interest.
Award #: 1344304

Glenn McClure, Composer, 2016.
"Music in the Ice: Musical Interpretation of and Instructional Module on Ross Ice Shelf Wave-Induced Vibrations".
Award #: 1544439

Anna McKee, Artist, 2010.
Ice Cores, Translucent Truths from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Multimedia (and related educational materials) explain how ice cores are obtained, what data they provide and how scientists use that data.
Award #: 0840099

Jennifer Martin, Poet, 2012.
An Ark of Questions Sent Sailing South: Poetry from Antarctica
Award #: 1158710

Mary K. Miller, Writer and producer, 2001.
Live @ the Exploratorium: Origins, web exhibition

Lariss Min, Writer, 2012.
"Wondering Gondwana" (working title), a non-fiction narrative of antarctic sciences juxtaposed with the fiction experiences of a girl living in poeverty in Amazonia. (Developing new perspectiveby Peter Rejcek, Antarctic Sun, March 15, 2013)

Fen Montaigne, Writer, 2005.
The Antarctic Peninsula, penguins, and warming world, a book to be published by Henry Holt and Company. Received a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation in 2006 to continue researching and writing this book.
Award #: 0440659

Elizabeth Mueller, Writer, 2018
Dispatches from Thwaites Glacier
Award #: 1745471

Joan Myers, Photographer, 2002.
Exhibitions and (with writer Sandra Blakeslee) a book.


Charles Neider, Writer, 1969, 1970, 1977.
Books: Antarctica: Authentic Accounts. (anthology with introduction and notes, Random House, 1972; Cooper Square Press, 2000). Edge of the World: Ross Island, Antarctica (461p., Doubleday, 1974), Beyond Cape Horn: Travels in the Antarctic (387p., Sierra Club Books, 1980). Historic Guide to Ross Island.

Gregory Neri, Writer, 2017
A Children's Novel
Award #: 1645301

Peter Nisbet, Painter, 1995.
Landscape paintings and a book in progress.

Anne Noble, Photographer, 2008.
For her project "Antarctica: White Lantern," she recorded visual perceptions that contribute to contemporary knowledge and understanding of Antarctica while evoking the fragility of both human and visual perception and our relationship to Antarctica. From this work she will develop an exhibition comprised of 30-40 large images, which is scheduled to show nationally and internationally, and will publish a book, White Lantern, comprised of 50 or more large-format photographs with essays by the artist and an invited writer/curator. (For examples of her work, see
Award #: 0742103

Judith Nutter, Painter and poet, 2004.
Time, place, and imagination: images and poems from Antarctica.

O - Q

Shaun O'Boyle, Photographer, 2015, 2017, 2019.
Portraits of Place in Antarctica: Photographic essays to be published in a single volume. Tracing the culture of Antarctic science and exploration from the "Heroic Age of Exploration" at the turn of the 20th century to the modern day through the architecture, and infrastructure of the stations, with visits to McMurdo Station (2015), Palmer Station (2017), and Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (2019). Exhibitions at the Berkshire Museum, Peary–MacMillan Arctic Museum, photo essay in the Smithsonian Magazine (Dec 2017), photographs included in the book Antarctic Resolution (2020), various gallery exhibitions.
Award #: 1444805

Richard Panek, Writer, 2008.
Traveling to Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station he visited the South Pole Telescope (SPT) site and interviewed scientists working on project. The South Pole Telescope is an integral component of a book that he is writing called, Let There Be Dark: At the Dawn of the Next Universe; a comprehensive account of dark matter, dark energy, and the revolution in our understanding of the universe.
Award #: 0739893

Michael Parfit, Writer, 1984.
Book: South Light, a Journey to the Last Continent. (306p., Macmillan, 1986; paperback, 1987; U.K. edition, 1988). Articles in Smithsonian, National Geographic, and others.

Andrea Polli, Digital media artist, 2007.
Her work is part of a growing interdisciplinary movement called data sonification. Like data visualization, sonification transforms data to communicate meaning. Her antarctic project, 90 degrees, will be a spatialized sound and visual gallery and web installation, which uses projected images combined with the weather and climate data sonification.
Award #: 0637271

Eliot Porter, Photographer, 1975.
Photographs, traveling exhibition, and book: Antarctica (169p., E. P. Dutton, 1978).

Anthony B. Powell. Filmmaker, 2007.
Anthony Powell's work is extraordinary and has proved hugely popular, winning various international awards. Research personnel have also benefited from his work, by gaining new insights into the nature of the environment in Antarctica.
Award #: 0637614

Laurence Pringle, Writer, 2002.
Nonfiction, children's book on Weddell seals. Web site:

Stephen J. Pyne, Historian, 1982.
Book: The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica (448p., University of Iowa Press, 1987; Arlington Books, 1987; Ballantine Books, 1988; University of Washington Press, 1998, with new preface; Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1999). Named by the New York Times Book Review to its Best Books list for 1987.

Douglas Quin, Sound recordist; musician, 1996, 1999.
Collection of natural sounds of Antarctica and production of music and CDs.


Susan Fox Rogers, Anthologist, 2004.
Antarctica: Life on the Ice, an anthology of writings on life in Antarctica as experienced by researchers, explorers, artists, and others who have spent a significant amount of time on the ice, was published in 2007.

David Rosenthal, Painter, 1993, 1996.
Paintings for galleries and museums in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and elsewhere.

Kim Stanley Robinson, Writer, 1995.
Science fiction book Antarctica (HarperCollins UK, 1997; Bantam Books, hardback 1998, paperback July 1999; numerous editions in translation).

Galen Rowell, Photographer and writer, 1992.
"A most unearthly place," March 1993 Life. Book, Poles Apart: Parallel Visions of the Arctic and Antarctic (University of California Press, 1995).

David Ruth, Sculptor, 2006.
Antarctic Ice: Sculpture in Cast Glass focuses on antarctic ice and how it can be imitated, resulting in a large-scale sculptures that will give viewers a more realistic sense of the scale and texture of antarctic ice formations. Exhibits at California galleries, workshops, and public lectures. Project web site:
Award #:0555502


Carl Safina, Writer, 2000.
Book, Eye of the Albatross: Visions of Hope and Survival. 416 pages, Henry Holt & Company, Inc., (May 2002).

Connie Samaras, Photographer, 2004.
Vast active living intelligence system: photographing the South Pole.

Caitlin Scarano, Poet, 2018
Intersections of Landscape and Humanity in Antarctica
Award #: 1745282

Emil Schulthess, Photographer, 1959.
Book: Antarctica, a Photographic Survey (198p., Simon & Schuster, 1960).

Kirsten Carlson; Co-Principal Investigator: Michelle Schwengel-Regala, Artists, 2017
Under the Ice: Two Artists Collaborate to Connect Audiences with Antarctic Sea Life and Science
Award #: 1745408

Lily Simonson, Artist, 2014.
Painting Between the Ice: Antarctic Biodiversity from the Dry Valleys to the Sea Floor: Mural sized paintings that reproduce microscopic creatures in diverse ecosystems.
Award #: 1344504

George Steinmetz, Photographer, 2006.
Planned book of photographs: Antarctica: The frozen desert.

Oona Stern, Artist, 2008.
Installation art, sculpture: "Ice Fractures: A Study of Ice Shelves and Ice Sheets" involves studying the visual characteristics of ice shelves and sheets around Palmer Station, specifically observing changes in these characteristics as the ice responds to climatic alterations. She is exploring strucutre, form, and function to understand the physical properties of ice through independent research and interviews with researchers. The result will be several public and private installations. Web site: Antarctic Ice.
Award #: 0739319

Scott Sternbach, Photographer, 2008.
"Antarctica in Black and White" is centered on creating a series of photographs that encompass both the human element and the struggle and interaction between the magnificent yet harsh antarctic environment.
Award #: 0739800

William Stout, Painter and writer, 1992-1993.
One-man exhibitions at various museums: 1997. Dinosaurs On Ice - William Stout's Antarctica. 1995. William Stout's Visions of Gondwana - Past and Present Life in Antarctica. 1994. William Stout - Lost Worlds. 1993. Studies From Gondwana - Landscapes and Wildlife of Antarctica. 1991-1995. Dinosaurs, Penguins, and Whales - The Wildlife of Antarctica. Numerous group shows. Forthcoming book. Lost Worlds - Prehistoric and Modern Life in Antarctica. (See also

April Surgent, Artist, 2012.
21st Century Antarctica - The Science and Landscape of Palmer Station: The use of glass etchings, a painstaking and increasingly rarely used artistic technique to document the research conducted at Palmer Station.
Award #: 1158885

Thomas E. Svarney and Patricia Barnes-Svarney, Writers, 2002.
Book about antarctic weather.

T - V

Diane Tuft, Photographer, 2012.
The Hidden Light of Antarctica: Images taken in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum of Antarctic landscapes.
Award #: 1158620

Kelly Tyler, Writer, 2002
Book about modern science and the Ross Sea Party of the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1917) — The Lost Men, (2006).

Todd Anderson; Co-Principal Investigator: Ian van Coller, Artists 2019
Ice Core Time Capsules: The Art and Science of US Antarctic Glacier Research
Award #: 1745429

W - Z

François Vuilleumier, Ornithologist, 1998.
Book: Field Guide to the Birds of Patagonia and West Antarctica (Pica Press, forthcoming). The author is Curator, Department of Ornithology, American Museum of Natural History.

Ariel Waldman, Videographer, 2018
Life Under the Ice
Award #: 1745408

Gabrielle Walker, Writer, 2004.
A science book titled Antarctica—The Biography of a Continent for a lay audience. The book will weave together descriptions of science, places, and people in Antarctica to get at the personality of the continent through the eyes of researchers, vivid descriptions of the different environments in which they work, and what science tells us about the continent and its place in the world. Web site:

Gabriel Warren, Sculptor, 1999, 2005.
Ice-related sculptures. Indoor and outdoor exhibitions, public and private commissions. Art and landscape slide lecture tour. Forthcoming book of photography and writing.
Award #: 0441979

April Waters, Painter, 2018
Award #: 1745372

Sophie Webb, Illustrator, 2001.
Book, A Guide to the Birds of Chile and the Adjacent Antarctic. Children's book (ages 9-12), My Season with Penguins, An Antarctic Journal (Longitude press, 2004).

Rachel Weiss.
Sculptor, arts administrator (chair, Arts Administration Program, Art Institute of Chicago). Arts and sciences exhibition and book Imagining Antarctica, displayed in several cities in 1986 and 1987.

James Westwater. Photochoreographer, 1977.
Photographs and multimedia presentation (symphony orchestras with 3-screen slide show).

Sara Wheeler. Writer, 1994, 1995.
Book, Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica (Random House, London, 1996; Vintage (paper), London, 1997; Heyne (German), 1997; Random House, New York, March 1998; Modern Library, 1999). Greetings from Antarctica (Peter Bedrick Books, July 1999).

Maris Wicks. Artist, 2016.
"Antarctic Graphic Novel: A Look at Science in Antarctica through the Eyes of an Artist".
Award #: 1544371

James Woodside. Painter, 2002.
Landscape paintings.

Norbert Wu. Photographer, 1997, 1999, 2001.
Underwater photography: "Under Antarctic Ice," February 1999, National Geographic; Under Antarctic Ice (University of California Press, 2004); a traveling exhibit; and a children's book, Antarctic Ice (Henry Holt, publisher); Field Guide to Antarctic Marine Life (; and a high-definition television (HDTV) program for Thirteen/WNET New York's Nature series, which is broadcast on PBS.

Karen Romano Young, Children's Author and Illustrator, 2017
The Illustrated Story of Antarctic Microbes
Award #: 1644842