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  • NEON Distributed Sensor Networks
  • Collecting Data on Ecological Change
  • Providing Resources for Research
  • Studying Land Use, Cover and Processes
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What is NEON? The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) is a large facility project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). NEON is a continental-scale platform for ecological research. The observatory will gather long-term data to enable fundamental research on biological responses to shifting environmental conditions, land-use changes, and invasive species. More >>

NEON at a Glance:

A quick video overview of NEON.

NSF has already funded projects to enable innovative biological research and collaborations that leverage data from this groundbreaking, continent-wide observatory. More >>


NSF Awards $4.8 Million to Enable Creative, Collaborative Use of Ecological Data

White House Honors Four Leaders of NSF-Funded Citizen Science Groups Studying Ecology

Funding: MacroSystems Biology and Early NEON Science Program

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