Committee on Oversight (CO)

Committee Members

Chair: Wanda Ward
Vice Chair: Scott Stanley

Aaron Dominguez
Steven Leath*
Keivan Stassun
Bevlee Watford
Stephen Willard*

Executive Secretaries: Veronica Shelley
Kelly Stefanko
NSBO Staff: Ann Bushmiller
Portia Flowers


Charge (NSB-2017-9)

The Committee on Oversight (CO) is established to:

  1. Conduct independent oversight of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s), operations, processes for risk management, audit plans and results, and processes for complying with laws and regulations;
  2. Review Office of the Inspector General (OIG) activities and NSF management responses;
  3. Monitor audits and make related recommendations to the Board;
  4. Oversee the Board’s compliance with the Sunshine Act.

In fulfilling this charge, the Committee will help address the Board’s responsibilities to:

  • Provide independent oversight of processes that ensure NSF operations are conducted efficiently, effectively, and transparently;
  • Generally supervise the NSF Inspector General (IG);
  • Comply with duties described in the Sunshine Act; and
  • Establish the policies of the Foundation.

The Committee on Oversight is expected to:

  • Review NSF’s risk management and compliance processes; monitor the implementation of NSF’s accounting, administrative control, personnel, and information management systems;
  • Engage in generative discussions with NSF regarding how to assess and improve the effectiveness of processes related to the proposal and award system, for example, merit review processes;
  • Recommend to the Board policies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of NSF operations and NSB processes;
  • Review audit results and audit resolution processes, review the progress of corrective actions where warranted, and provide input to the OIG annual audit plan;
  • Review the OIG semiannual report, requesting more information if necessary; review and approve the NSF management response; and recommend both documents to the Board for transmittal to the Congress;
  • Lead the selection process for a new IG if a vacancy occurs; if warranted, recommend to the Board that an IG be discharged;
  • Oversee the Board’s response to the OIG’s audit of the Board’s Sunshine compliance and consider the OIG findings and recommendations; and
  • Address other risk and compliance issues and policies as the Board or Executive Committee directs.

The Committee on Oversight is expected to report to the Board as needed on the issues within its purview.



*Members of the National Science Board whose terms have recently expired, temporarily serving as consultants to the Board.