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Panelist Conflict of Interest Training

You have an institutional conflict with a proposal when you...

  • Hold a position, such as professor, adjunct, visiting scientist, or similar
  • Are seeking employment
  • Have a re-employment agreement
  • Are serving on a Visiting Committee or similar body
    • Conflict is with part of the institution that is advised by committee

You have an institutional conflict with a proposal when you...

  • Own stock worth over the de minimus
    • $15,000 or less in each proposal
  • Serve as an Officer, Governing Board, Councilor, Trustee
    • Fiduciary positions
  • Received $ within the last year
    • Honoraria or travel expenses

You have an individual conflict with a proposal which involves a...

  • Spouse or family member
  • Business or professional partner
  • Former employer (within one year)
  • Present or past PhD advisor/student
  • Collaborator within the past 48 months
  • Co-editor within the past 24 months

You may also have a conflict with a proposal involving...

  • The employer/school of spouse or child
  • A person living in your household or their employer
  • Your parent's employer (except solely receipt of honoraria)
  • "catch all"

"Catch All"

  • Any other circumstances where your impartiality could be questioned
    • Use "Reasonable Person Test" – Would a reasonable person with all the relevant facts question your impartiality?
  • Please contact the managing program director if you think you may have a conflict or impartiality issue

The following materials include links for obtaining a complete understanding of all the conflict of interest statutes, standards of conduct, and NSF's supplemental regulations:

Disclaimer: The materials on this web site do not constitute legal advice. You should consult with an OGC attorney before acting on or convey to someone outside NSF any interpretation of these materials.