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Federal Employment and Labor Law

The Office of the General Counsel handles the full range of personnel and labor law matters that concern the Foundation. OGC renders legal advice to the Foundation's managers and supervisors and defends the Foundation's personnel, labor and staffing decisions in both administrative and judicial forums. A representative sampling of the personnel and labor law matters handled by the Office of the General Counsel include:

  • adverse actions
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • clarification of unit petitions
  • employee discipline
  • employment discrimination
  • negotiability appeals
  • performance-based actions
  • reasonable accommodation
  • reorganizations
  • staffing issues
  • union grievances
  • union negotiations
  • unfair labor practices
  • violence/threats in the workplace

Disclaimer: The materials on this web site do not constitute legal advice. You should consult with an OGC attorney before acting on or convey to someone outside NSF any interpretation of these materials.